Time for a Trim! Mufti Hairdressing Manchester Review

To be honest, I not longer have a go to hairdresser in my home town because I haven’t found anyone amazing to go back to. The last year I’ve been to London to get my hair and colour done.

When I saw the Wahanda deal (Hair cut, conditioning treatment and blow dry) for just £17 for Mufti Hairdressers* I had to indulge! Mainly because the hairdressers is in a handy city centre location, the price is good and I wanted a last minute trim before Christmas.

(I actually managed to convince my colleague to get a voucher too so I got a further £5 off – £12 haircut! What?! I’d pay my cat more than that for a haircut!). *Has all kinds of amusing connotations for me


Had no problems booking in even though it’s a week before Christmas and went for my appointment after work.

The salon itself is minimalistic, and reminds me of a barbers shop. The chairs are like that too, I did have a bit of a tripping up accident getting on and off (whoops) but it’s clean and quite smart – I sort of like the lack of pretension.

My hairdresser was Carl, a young man (is that a good description? That’s all I can think of!) who spent quite a bit of time talking to me about my hair. My brief was very simple – neaten up – but it was good that he spent the time talking to me specifying the length he would take off, where to cut my ever growing fringe etc. Infact it was probably one of the most detailed consultations I’ve had for a while.

The treatment was an intensive conditioner, then a cap, then placed under heat. It was quick but efficient, my hair still feels soft from it now.

Wanna see my haircut….

Ta da!


Ok, that’s not me.

The difference between my old hair and new hair wasn’t so obvious at first, once I got home and took some snaps I could see the subtle changes Carl made actually made a big difference in terms of shaping my hair around the front (it used to just dangle) and also for adding some volume round the back without chopping some short layers in (I’ve been waiting for a LONG time for some short layers to grow out).

I really like!

Here’s my new hair – please excuse the face shot, this was after a 18 hour day hence starey eyes:


I also liked the fixed fees in Mufti, none of this stupid tiered charging, like more for the director, more if you have a cup of coffee (which reminds me, Mufti isn’t a tea and coffee serving kind of salon but it looks to me like they don’t have hairdresser juniors generally moping around, sweeping hair and making tea and coffee, just 4 main hairdressers).


Women’s £33
Men’s £22
Blow Dry £22
Hair Up £35

Full head of highlights is £85 and just £10 extra for a colour and £8 extra for a treatment. See the prices here.


Yes I will go again next time I need a hair cut! Price is great and service is too.

** UPDATE 23/Dec – My colleague went to Mufi’s and had the same hairdresser but wasn’t too thrilled, because she wanted her hair cut quite short and razored at the back but they wouldn’t do that for her, instead they did layers which she didn’t really like. She felt the hairdresser seemed a little nervous when asked to do a dramatic cut and actually asked if she just wanted ‘a trim’.

So there you go – just wanted to offer two points of view on the hairdressers! We felt that my hair do – very straightforward trim etc. was great but her request which was a restyle didn’t go quite as well **

28 Dale Street
Manchester M1 1FY
0161 244 5230

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  1. Jen says

    I’m so happy you reviewed this hairdressers, I’ve also got a Wahanda voucher for them. I’d read some good reviews about Mufti when I was looking for a hairdressers earlier in the year, but ended up going for another one that was on offer with Wahanda at the time. When I saw the offer for Mufti come up, it was such a good deal that I just had to get it! It’s good in that it’s valid for 6 months, by which time I will definitely need a haircut!
    I agree with you on it being hard to find a great hairdressers in Manchester though…I thought I had found one who cut my hair perfectly, but then she left to set up her own salon in Bradford! There’s been a couple of others who have been good, but not enough to WOW me! Mufti sounds great from your review, and prices also sound good, even full price.
    Your hair trim looks really good, the layers frame your face nicely, and it looks nicely shaped :)

    • Row says

      Hi jen

      Let me know what you think of it 😀 I liked it my colleague didn’t!!! So I guess we all have different experiences!

  2. Jen says

    I’ll let you know when I eventually get round to using my voucher…I’m planning on letting my last cut grow out a bit before getting a different style! Chop and change 😀
    If your colleague was hoping for a more dramatic cut, there’s a hairdressers not too far from Mufti which has also had really good reviews, and I think they do more of the style she might be after (I’ve an image of a inverse bob from your description?)