Till Pick Up! Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review; Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches!

So I was in Boots the other day, and there’s this thing called ‘The-Vortex-of-Boots’ which is where you go in for some toothpaste and end up leaving with a massive basket full of crap that you’ve decided is vital ‘Because it’s from Boots’, and spending £100 on nothing discernible – well I was in the vortex.  

I cannot pass through Boots without picking up interdental sticks and snacks for Baby H these days, and no they have these damn nail polish stands (in larger stores) with a cheap range called Sinful Colours Professional (sorry, Colors) selling China Glaze-ish looking polishes for just £1.99 and they come in many colours. So many colours. 

Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review Kissy and Mint Apple Swatches

Without even THINKING, I grabbed two colours and chucked it in the basket because I think anything you throw into the basket at the till is practically free! Right!? I got a pastel green and this sparkly green for Halloween.

The colours are called: Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947.

Mint Apple is obviously a rip off (name wise) of Essie’s Mint Candy Apple Polish (which I have a miniature of but I from what I recall it’s a paler pastel apple green).  Mint Apple is a medium pastel green with a touch of blue…more of a sea foam colour. I like it! One coat looked streaky, two coats gave it a much better glossy finish:

Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches

The brush was a pretty standard one, I had no issues using it though to apply the colour other than I found it a bit hard to get down the edges. I am not a skill full nail polish applier though!

Kissy is a fun glittery deep green – I though it would run sheer with some glitter but actually it was surprisingly pigmented, super glittery and very pretty in the light:
Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches 1
I found this one quite runny, so it sort of leaked into my cuticles and the side of my nail which I had to clean up.  I love the colour though, and the sparkle.
However – as a reminder that this is a cheap polish – there’s some serious dye in this stuff because the green in the polish ran over my fingers and was impossible to remove even when I rubbed it with Acetone:
Sinful Colours Nail Polish Review Kissy 1102 and Mint Apple 947 Swatches staining
So I walked around with stained fingers for a few days – annoying! 
Anyway despite this, I think these polishes are pretty great for £1.99 – even budget brands don’t do polishes for THIS cheap, and the packaging is very good, very sturdy and the range of colours is huge. 
Check out their shades here (although many were out of stock on the stand).
Have you ever tried Sinful Colors?
*Purchased by me
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  1. says

    I always stock up on Sinful Colors when I go home to the US. The ladies behind counter at Walgreens in Athens, Tennessee think I’ve lost the plot when I roll up to the till with a basket full of polish. 😀

  2. Alix says

    I have about 6 or 7 Sinful Colors polishes and (mattes, crèmes, glitters and metallics) and none of them run like yours did, and I certainly don’t get any staining like you did! That’s shocking! I picked up 24/7, Pistache, All About You and Cloud 9 the other day and love them all!

  3. says

    Target and Priceline is that vortex for me. Only yesterday, I walked in to get an ointment and walked out with atleast 5 other items and a list of what all I *need* to go back for.
    I tried the Sinful nailpaints and you are right about their staining. Not a good look