Tiffa Eyeliner, Base and Mascara

Tiffa is a Kanebo Brand that I have largely ignored until I saw a review of the Base on Vanessa’s blog. The base was a spidery black thing – urgh! Disgusted but fascinated at the same time, I ordered this prodct from Adambeaty, and the Mascara to go with it (lengthening natch) and two of the new eyeliner/sparkly mascara combos.

Well the base and mascara are great! they are not really volumising (although there is a volumising version of the mascara) I decided to go for length since this was what I wanted to achieve.

The base works well, and so does the mascara, which is fairly unclumpy. Also, it didn’t irritate my eyes. Last time I used a firbre rich mascara (Fiberwig) I nearly screached my cornea out it was so uncomfortable. But no problems with this one.

The little hairs are odd, no? But they seem to work:

Secondly – it HELD curl! Wowwe!! Only Shiseido Lifting and SANA Big Curl work for me (and that includes a lot of Japanese brands), where my lashes just find the mascaras too heavy.

Thirdly – it came of pretty easy. SANA and Shiseido are a buggery to get off. Even Bifacial can just about manage and even then, I have black rims under my eyes in the morning. This one came off with some cheap Boots eye make up remover, which is a huge bonus.

The glitter liner/mascara combos are lovely too.

the black one is infused with intense silver glitter – I adore this because the black is a true black, no messing about.

The silver looked stunning on the model and it is really lovely in real life too. Whats nicea bout silver is that you can slap it on a bit more carelessly than black and most people wont notice!

The brush is dual purpose, for liner or mascara:

The results:

Yes yes yes! Now, my lashes are in no way easy, but this mascara added length and separation to them. It takes more time in the morning to use a base and a mascara but it is worth it. I am tempted to buy the thickening version of the mascara then use all three at the same time – will there be spectacular lashes?!

Each item cost me around £6 which means the base and mascara only cost £12. And so far I have to admit…it is my favourite mascara and base. It is also relatively easy to get off with make up remover and some warm water.

Love this item!

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  1. Askmewhats says

    thanks for the informative review, helps us who don’t have access to these products personally to be able to order online without thinking of money wastage 😀 thanks girl!

  2. Row says


    I get it all from – http://www.adambeauty.com

    He’s very good, shipping is only $2 USD and hes very quick with shipping :)

    I do wholly love this mascara and base, inface I want to try more from Tiffa, it seems like I have underestimated it all along!

    Thanks for commenting