Thursday Question Time: What magazines do you read?

It was interesting seeing what everyone got from the Glamour magazine Benefit freebie thing this month.

It also seemed to me like people’s attitudes to women’s magazines have changed – people value the web more for up to date, relevant information and some people bought the magazines specifically for the freebies, not for the read.

So this got me thinking –

What magazines do you buy and read?


I used to be a magazine addict but these days I don’t have much time for it, and they’re fairly expensive to buy. I used to buy women’s magazines, photography magazines, design magazines etc.

I do get Make Up Artist Magazine on subscription (every issue is different, some are interesting, some are completely dull), and I occasionally buy LOOK because its cheaper and I like its easy to read format without any of the usual “Women’s dilemmas” rubbish. That’s one of the reasons I used to love Instyle, because they stuck to fashion and beauty but I find it a little dull these days.

I used to buy Allure from Borders (RIP Borders) but I did find it disturbing how there were ads for contraceptive pills throughout the magazine. Like, what? Go talk it through with your doctor!

Apart from that, I sporadically buy cooking magazines, like Delicious or BBC Good Food and if I am really desperate, I buy a Cat Magazine, or a Writer’s magazine, which is always, always uber dull.

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    I used to like Allure, but the increasingly photoshopped covers just got too freaky. All the celebrities looked exactly the same and sometimes it’d take me a good few minutes to work out who the hell it was (like the Julia Roberts Lancome mascara ad.)

    I generally only buy for freebies, otherwise the only magazine I occasionally I still buy is Vogue. Do you remember Marie-Claire Health & Beauty or are you too young? I loved that, it was like a UK Allure.

  2. says

    I’m into fashion/art magazines like i-D (my favey!!) Or NYLON (great teen/quirky fashion + makeup) and graffiti mags. Elle + Glamour are my occasional little pick me ups, too.

  3. baby in a corner says

    None but i am a student so i have to selectively spend my little disposable income. I usually get frustrated if i do buy a magazine cause it only keeps my attention for about 10 minutes. books are better value! i do like spending two hours looking through about 50 magazines when i’m getting my hair done though!

  4. miel says

    I don’t stick to 1 magazine – typically when the mags come out at the beginning of each month, I pop down to the newstand to see which one is more interesting. Seems to be more ELLE, Glamour and then Vogue. Very occasionally Harper’s Bazaar. There are many great resources online for fashion/beauty, but I like the feel of a magazine in my hands and it’s a break after a long day at work.

  5. says

    I really miss Borders!

    I think Vogue is probably the one I pick up most often, althoughI don’t get it every month. I only really buy magazines these days if they’re giving away freebies that I want!

  6. says

    Allure for me, too, absolute froth but a pleasure with it. On other magazines I tend to read the british InStyle and Elle magazines, but my favourite magazine of all time has to be the finnish Trendi, for good editorials and graphics.

  7. says

    I subscribe to about 15 magazines! I still love magazines! I get: Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, New Beauty, Entrepreneur, Money, Better Homes & Garden, O, Popular Photography, Health, Fitness, Nutrition Action, and maybe more. Most of them are so cheap (like $5 a year) so it’s worth it to me. I like to be able to tear stuff out and I like to sit at a coffee shop and read every day (plus I read a lot of books). No wonder I don’t get enough work done!

  8. birkie says

    I love British magazines a lot, so I mostly go for the Vogue, sometimes the Elle (although I do not like the overtly pro-plastic surgery articles but the editorials and fashion is fab), Glamour because of the mix of beauty and fashion, sometimes the Cosmopolitan for the ‘how to have fab sex’ articles.

    I love to browse through the French Vogue, because the editorials are so daring (seriously, perfect for men because there is always some high-profile model in a shot totally topless). French Vogue has for the June edition even a (might I say) goodlooking totally nude male model in there in a Jesus-esque pose with the barbed wire on his neck. That is quite daring in my book!

    • Row says

      Hi Birkie

      Never read French Vogue although I like to look through alternative magazines all the time. I don’t mind just looking at photographs x

  9. says

    I think the only mag i purposely buy to read is Bizarre magazine! Other than that ill read through the mags i buy when im after the freebie that comes with it.

  10. says

    I mentioned that like the ASOS magazine in the other post. I think I enjoy that partly because I didn’t pay, so don’t feel I have to get anything from it. A guilt free flick then dump! I like In Style, I got past caring about how to have a better orgasms and does he really like me about 15 years ago so I’m happy to just read about clothes, beauty and current trends. I used to like Marie Claire but I find the articles too worthy so I can’t be tempted these days, even with a great giveaway!

    • Row says

      Hi Jabe

      I like Instyle too out of all the magazines. I used to read Marie Claire a lot but then I found it repeated itself all the time, always the same old same old stuff

  11. Jules says

    None! Full of advert after advert, ‘sex tips’ (for a 16 year old) & silly diets :(