Thursday Giveaway: Win a set of Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks!

So you’ve just seen my review, wanna win a set of Montagne Jeunesse Tottle Face Masks for yourself?

You will get – 1 x Damask Rose, 1 x Sensuous Spice, 1 x Dark Chocolate and 1 x Tropical Peel Off Mask.


Want to win?

Answer the following question:

What would your dream face mask ‘flavour’ be?


Food always wins, so I’d go for a chocolate-matcha-raspberry swirl.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: Follow and RT to Win Montagne Jeunesse Tottles. Info:

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Winner chosen in 1 week!

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  1. I love lavender and vanilla. :)

  2. I would love marshmellow or maybe toffee :)

  3. Not sure how good this would be for my skin, but definitely strawberry cheesecake flavoured :)

  4. Vanilla Fudge

  5. Would have to be sweet and fruity, hmmm could it be possible to have a banoffee cheesecake on my face, toffee and banana I would love it, hopefully cure me of eating too much of it!!

  6. @bofferminx says:

    Some thing with eucalyptus,
    great for colds and very good for refreshing and brightening skin

  7. Michelle Bamber says:

    Grape and /or cherry flavour would be lush :)

  8. guava

  9. Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:

    I would love mint choc chip! Mint to refresh and choc chip to exfoliate.

    I would struggle not to eat it though!

  10. Paul Marshall says:


  11. carol phile says:

    pineapple and coconut, Pina Colada stylee, yum!

  12. Heather Walsh says:

    chocolate and coconut. Like a bounty x

  13. Lemon and lime.

  14. Mmmm love these face masks, the sauna is my favourite.
    I would like banana and cream face mask, fruity and moisturising, it would smell good enough to eat 😉

  15. Claire Higgins says:

    I would love a lemon mud mask

  16. Susan Ellis says:

    Terrys chocolate orange (be a bit hard not to eat it though) :)

  17. claire green says:

    Mmmm, just thinking about all of the possible flavours it making me hungry! Obviously, I would’t attempt to consume it, but it would be hard to resist a lovely sweet coconut and chocolate mask!
    Oh, oh oh…chocolate hazelnut flavour, yum!

  18. Danielle Hodges says:

    Lemon and poppy seed cupcake flavour!

    Refreshing, but indulgent! Yummy!

  19. Pauline Appleton says:

    Ginger and mango
    I love the smell of Ginger

  20. SHARON YOUNG says:

    kiwi and strawberry would be a great mask!

  21. Cathy MacLennan says:

    I love geranuim and jasmine oil nice and refreshing.

    Subscribed to RSS feed, tweeted @fraoch1

  22. Holly Green says:

    Ooh, cherry bakewell flavour would be lovely!

  23. Lavender, love the smell.

  24. Coffee…

  25. Claire Butler says:

    almond and pistacchio

  26. Debbie Curwen says:

    Caramel apple

    Not sure how beneficial it would be to my skin but it would certainly smell tasty!

  27. Cherry and Chocolate

  28. Andrea Smith says:

    Candy floss, yummy!!

  29. Silver Nutmeg & Golden Pear ….okay I’m nuts! @fripfoll :-)

  30. Mine would have to be a latte flavour :)

    Have tweeted too @Cat1980uk

    Thank you