Thursday Giveaway: Win a Revlon Grow Luscious Fabulash Mascara

I have a spare Revlon Grow Luscious Fabulash Mascara to give away!

This mascara is great for lengthening and has added nutrients to care for your lashes and make them grow strong! long! failing that, it’s just a good mascara.


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

If there was one part of your body that you could make grow, what would it be?

Me: I need shrinking, not growing in any area. Oh yes – of course, my short lashes could do with 3 more inches!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. says

    Oh man, that’s kind of hard! I’d like longer lashes and fuller lips. But I guess what I would want most is to be able to grow my boobs, just so I could make both of them the same size. It would make bra buying so much easier!

  2. liz denial says

    My nails! I’m on an anti cancer drug which has caused my nails to become like paper so they split down the middle & are broken so far down that I can’t even cut them. They look like I’ve been biting them & it’s so frustrating. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis & have trouble opening things as it is but with no nails it’s impossible…I need help!!!

  3. says

    Are boobs the obvious answer? lol I could use a slight growing on that area XD Other than that, I would like a slightly bigger upper lip. And longer, much longer hair with decent volume – mine loses it when it reaches a certain length!

  4. Helen S says

    I wish my feet would grow. They’re currently only a size 3 n groovy shoes on my small feet look stupid. I’d love to be a normal size 5 or 6.

  5. Stephanie Cummins says

    If there was one part of your body that you could make grow, what would it be?

    mmm 100% my legs…i have short short legs :(:(

  6. layla says

    At 4′ 11″, I would definitely want my whole body to grow a little more :) Its cute being little, but its definitely a challenge trying to find clothes to fit me perfectly! (Something’s always too long!) I wouldn’t mind my eyelashes growing a lil more too 😀

  7. melanie says

    I’m trying to lose weight after my second baby so the only thing that needs growing is my eyelashes. Mascara would probably help there!

  8. sarah says

    hmm..would prob be my lashes as well.. Cant says legs as im 5ft 11 already lol

    would love to win this! :)