Thursday Giveaway: Win a Revlon Grow Luscious Fabulash Mascara

I have a spare Revlon Grow Luscious Fabulash Mascara to give away!

This mascara is great for lengthening and has added nutrients to care for your lashes and make them grow strong! long! failing that, it’s just a good mascara.


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

If there was one part of your body that you could make grow, what would it be?

Me: I need shrinking, not growing in any area. Oh yes – of course, my short lashes could do with 3 more inches!

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. my eyelashes, oh and my legs, i have long legs, but wouldnt mind even longer legs :o)

  2. My boobs. Think fried eggs hanging on a nail. I rest my case.

  3. Cathy MacLennan says:

    It would be my hair growing it my waist and only half way there

  4. Has to be my hair. I would love really long hair :)

  5. Kat Matthews says:

    My eyebrows :(

  6. definitely boobs

  7. It would have to be my height, perhaps the only thing that doesn’t grow at my age :-(

  8. Sally Willcock says:

    My left big toe as it is just a teeny bit shorter than the toe next to it – grow it to same length as this one, or a bit longer! I think my dad’s was the same, so it must be in the genes.

  9. My lashes, hands down!

  10. My legs and/or my hair and/or my boobs!….it’s so tough being a woman!

  11. I’d want longer legs. I’m too short! I’m the shortest amongst my friends.

  12. i probably need a lot of things reduced. But i would love to have long lashes like i did when i was a teenager. im 52 years young, and i used to be very beutiful. So ive been told, But ive had a bout with cancer and won,so now im trying to heal my looks and would love to try this new product. Thank you, and i hope you pick me

  13. I would like my eyelashes to grow.

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