Thursday Giveaway: No. 7 Metallic Eye Pencils & more

This week, you can win:

No. 7 Extreme Length Mascara, Stay Perfect Dual Ended Lip Colour in Perfect Pink and 2 Metallic Eye Pencils (as soft as Urban Decay!) in Gold and Blue.

no 7 giveaway.jpg

To win, leave a comment telling me:

What site were you on before you came on Cosmetic Candy and where will you be headed next?


Very boring, I was on Flickr sorting out my images and my next stop is Amazon to look at a link the other half sent me for a product he has just seen on JML (ahem) called Iron Gym, an extremely lame metal bar you attach to your door to do pull ups. Naming and shaming, naming and shaming.

Will announce the winner next Thursday! Good Luck!

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  1. Alexandria says

    I was on watching Shira J on SugarFreeTV, who cracks me UP, and now I’m going to mosey on over to and get some more laughs before bed.

  2. jane says

    I was on Gmail looking through some new emails. Now I’m going to go look at Eki’s blog.

  3. Nina says

    I was on youtube commenting away for a contest. After I comment here I’ll probably go to flickr and look for haikus I can post and then check if I have new blog entries to read on my Google Reader.

  4. Kassandra says

    I was on perez Hilton reading about wee vanessa hudgens and more naked pics (tut tut) and now I shall proceed to Twitter 😀 good times!!

    Have a good day :) xx

  5. Anna says

    I came from my Google reader 😛 and I’m headed off to check my email afterwards hahas.

  6. sue says

    I was checking my email on gmail before and I’m heading to next to see if they’ve updated their site yet.

  7. Allilanta says

    I was Googling Illamasqua product reviews when I stumbled across your blog, and have been addicted ever since. By the way, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mischief blusher. I use it for so much more than cheeks; really gorgeous 😀 😀

  8. Jessica says

    I was on gmail before and am going to be reading online news next. Boring but if i don’t continue this routine, I’ll feel like something is missing from my day!

  9. Kiki says

    I was checking my university email and doing random search about palgantong loose powder, and whether talc is good for the skin. I’m headed to http://www.dreamland.zzz next..haha, yeah you are my last stop for the night before I hit the sack.Hopefully I can not only dream about the giveaways but also get it =D

  10. Heather S says

    I was on The Bright Side Project before + am headed to Mustard and Sage when I leave! Yay!

  11. says

    I was on my gmail account looking at my beauty blog subscriptions then I came on here from there and after I will be going back to my gmail to check out the rest.

  12. says

    I was at gmail before I came here, I saw your daily feeds so I clicked it and got in here :) I will be at after this site 😀 just to checkout the good deals :)

  13. Micah says

    I was on Etsy and was browsing SobeBotanicals mineral make up collection. They look so so so so beautiful and I am going to buy. Take a look at her bronzing mineral liquid lotion, lovely! Next stop? To lookbook and Facebook :)

  14. kim says

    Hello, nice website

    I was searching in google for Sleek palettes and this website came up first in the search engine. I thought when this website loaded I would be seeing palettes being sold…lol..but I saw you mention the new sleek palette, which I wasn’t even aware of. Terrific! I heading next to add it to my blog feed so I can follow your site.