Wednesday Giveaway: 3 Chocolate Lip Balms

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like.

Also look out for our 10 day Sleek palette giveaway running alongside these ones!

All winners announced on the 23rd November.

chocolate lip balm.jpg

This is the last day for my Giveaways for now – December will be full of treats too…

The Prize:A gift boxed set of 3 chocolate lip balsm in plastic chocolate cases. Cute!

The Question:English was my favourite subject at school. I didn’t gel much with poetry though, because I am utterly rubbish at writing them.

But I will give it a go – so join in with me!

We are going to do a Haiku.

What is a Haiku? It is…

…a epigrammatic Japanese verse form of three short lines .

Let me break it down for you. 3 lines. Syllable structure: 5 – 7 – 5 (I’ll let you off its its not perfect!)

Please god, tell me you know what a syllable is.

With this is mind, here is the challenge.

Write a Haiku about make up.

My Haiku:

Airbrush foundation

Crackles, fizzes on my skin

Streaky piece of crap

I know, I know, Paul Muldoon, get out of the way!

Come on accept the challenge! Tell me your Haiku in the comments! Sweeties for all the best poems!

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  1. tousledkitten says

    These balms look so yum
    Look so super duper great
    That I want some cake!

    Fail-tastic I know. 😀

  2. says

    My first time writing a haiku so please don’t laugh ;D

    Mascara the great
    We aim for long lush lashes
    Clumps smudges abound

  3. Lisa. says

    Haikus are rubbish
    Only works in japanese
    Just wasting my time…

    Haha, just a quick, jokey one there… here’s me actual one about make up…

    Oh so hard to draw!
    Damn it, my hand shook again!
    Black smudge on my eye…..


  4. says

    Lipsticks and glosses,
    Blushes and mascara makes
    A killer beauty

    bwahahaha my first haiku. =)
    Hope I’m not late for the giveaway….Those are not the prices above, are they? They look too yummy.

  5. says

    Omg! This is fun! I don’t know what is haiku but let’s try. =D

    Stubborn straight lashes
    Curler or curl holding mascara
    Never works on me


  6. diskogal says

    Another highlighter!
    Do I need it? Oh, hell no.
    But I want, I want!!!

    Rubbish haiku, but oh so true.