Thursday Facebook Giveaway: Saaf Face and Body Care Kit

Roll up, Roll up.

Today I have a Facebook *spits* giveaway and tomorrow I have a “normal” giveaway for you – so stay tuned!

So I got myself a Facebook page which I have zero idea how to navigate. If I haven’t added you as a friend or whatever it is, don’t be offended as I haven’t got

a. Time or

b. A Clue

Anyway here is today’s lovely prize:

saaf skincare.jpg

Saaf is a very very very lovely skincare range – I use the body eraser oil and hair oil myself and the stuff is tip top quality.

In this gift set you get:

Pure Face Cleansing Balm 3g,

Hydrating Face & Lip Balm 3g;

Ultimate Moisture Face Serum 4ml;

Complexion Boosting Serum 4ml;

Foot Softening Balm 3g;

Eraser Body Oil 9ml;

Super Hydrating Body Balm 3g

Enriching Hair Oil 9ml.

saaf facial kit.jpg

Wanna win? You can enter 2 ways!Method 1.

Join my page (or add me – what do they call it?) on Facebook! Say Hi if you like!

Method 2.

You can enter a second time by commenting or if you hate Facebook, you can just enter the good old commenting way by telling me –

What is your favourite TV channel and shows?


Channel 4. I have Sky with lots and lots of channels but Channel 4 are wonderful – its the only channel I can’t live without.

I also like – Living (ANTM, 4 Weddings, Dating in the Dark), BBC 3 (Snog, Marry or Avoid), Food Network (Ace of Cakes), Comedy Central (South Park, Sarah Silverman) and the JML Channel (Every damn thing).

Hey girls, girls. If you have an other half, have you ever noticed how your Mr will get really into shows like Snog, Marry or Avoid then bitch about how rubbish it is, especially to his friends, then proceed to describe with great vigour and detail what happened in the last program?

Mmmmm yeah. Girls shows are better than boys shows.

*Winner announced in 10 days, competition is international*

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  1. Julie Henderson says

    This looks gorgeous – am on your facebook too :) Its looking fab so dont worry , u are doing it right

  2. Julie Henderson says

    I love all antique hunting and auction style programmes

    And Extreme makeover is a fab show too

  3. Wendy says

    Its great your on facebook to cant wait to see some photos of your furry children.

  4. Jade Tango says

    I mostly love reality and cooking shows including ANTM, BNTM, 4 Weddings, Come dine with me, Coach Trip, Bridezilla, Snog Marry Avoid, Ace of Cakes, Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Allan and Hairy Bikers ect…..

    I also love Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy and Ghost Whisperer!!! I’m sorry but I am a TV whore :-)

    Also my boyfriend always moans when I watch my programs but I see him watching it pretending to read his magazine or book and he always has comments to make lol :-)

  5. Nina says

    I’m loving HBO right now because of The Pacific. Food Network is always a staple because I’m a huge foodie!

  6. says

    My favorite TV channel is, well, I don’t know the number, but is the Bravo channel. All about reality tv shows :)

    On that channel, my favorite shows to watch are:
    Millionaire Matchmaker
    Real Housewives of New York City
    Kell on Earth
    Flipping Out
    Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List
    Million Dollar Listing
    NYC Prep

    I could go on forever with the shows I love on that network :) If you like reality TV, you’d probably like it as well! You can watch some of them online too :)

  7. says

    I love in pakistan so ypou won’t be familiar with our tv channels but anyways my fav was super comedy..I LOVED watchinf FRIENDS,george, will and grace, and list goes oNNNNN…I love horror and thrillers as well ,so I usually download torrents from EZTV.IT…does it count? I love supernatural ,ghost whisperer(love sarah’s makeup)and trueblood. Pakistani drama channels are superb esp HUM Tv and OMG 4man show is like my HG tv programme,its a basically comedey show, directed /produced and acted by 4 man and its hilarious.pure LOVEEEEE…

    I’m already a facebook fan as sarah a.dahir..:)

  8. Alexis says

    I live in Philippines so you may not know our tv channels. Anyways, i love watching Net 25 because it’s very educational. When I have spare time, I tune in to channel 25 and see what I can learn. Some of my favorite shows are convergence (about techs and gadgets..i so love watching this!), In Good Shape (i love learning how to live a healthier life^^) and DW-TV (i love learning about other people’s culture)~

  9. Kim says

    My favorite shows are fringe, grey’s anatomy, private practice, food network, and other odds and ends…

  10. says

    Great giveaway :)

    My fave shows are Fringe, lost,desprate housewives..And come dine with me..I like cooking programmes even thou I cant cook myself =/

    Im not on Facebook but does this comment count?


  11. Giusy Patanè says

    Hi! I’m on Facebook! :-)
    I’m Italian, so probably nobody knows it..but my favourite TV channel is “Italia 1”, and I love Grey’s anatomy & Desperate housewives!! :-)

  12. Clare says

    Glee, how to look good naked… crappy documentaries too. They’re my guilty pleasure haha

  13. Ashley says

    I hate Facebook. Although I have an account, I try and avoid it at all costs!

    I love channel 14. All my favorite teeny bopper shows are on it! That includes Gossip Girl, 90210, Smallville and the best of the bunch… SUPERNATURAL<3

  14. mint says

    not a fan of facebook at all…
    and I like most of the detective and mystery shows. my fav at the moment are Bones and Castle. 😀

  15. says

    The HD channels. Everything looks so much better in HD. Well, maybe not everything. Screen make-up did wonders for people in SD but in HD we can see the flaws. We can even spot the make-up where they have tried to cover the flaws up!

  16. Andrea Ferreira says

    I lke very much DISCOVERY HOME & HEALTH , PEOPLE & ARTS, DISCOVERY TRAVEL & LIVING, GNT (Brazil), MULTISHOW(Brazil) and Big Brother Brazil too.


  17. Bella says

    my favorite channel are. CW-ANTM-love the models., E! keeping up with kardashian love the drama, Shear Genius love the techniques to how to cut and bizarre food with andrew zimmern.i love the food and traveling to other country.