This weekend I will be testing….

Trust me, this picture – the idea was better than the execution.  Who the hell uses a ball pool as a background!?

Anyways – the weekend is prime testing time as far as I am concerned.  The fact is most products need time if they are to be tested properly so I try and crack things open when I have the time to relax a bit more as Mr C can watch Baby H for me.  So this weekend I will be unwrapping….

New Make Up 1

1. China Glaze – Neon on & on nail polish.

A super duper bright bold pink that is neon but also creamy and not too blue.  I love this colour it is so me and I like the China Glaze formula too. 

2. Yogi Curling Wand

I seem have to have lost a ton of curling products in my house move so I am very happy to get this one opened for general use!  This one is the clip less type of wand and I am hoping the barrel is an ok size for my medium length hair. 

3. Crystal Beauty Foot File

I am testing a few products from this new company – the foot file is a heavy, quite substantial piece of glass made for filing the feet, which is only polite since I am wearing flip flops so often.

4. Macadamia No Tangles Hair Spray

Despite having shorter hair my barnet is still extremely knotty, especially at the back.  I’m excited to try this as I quite like the Macadamia hair range. 

5. DHC Moisture Care Liquid Foundation

I have been obsessed with Estee Lauder Double Wear light recently – but I want to crack this open and give it a go. I had a sneak peak, and Ochre 3 suits my skin well (I find Japanese foundations can be on the pale side) so that’s good news!

6. Banila Co Friday Night Eyeshadow Palette

Banila Co is a brand I rarely buy from but I got this on a whim.  The colours are very neutral but I hope I can get it to work for me as a no brainer palette. 

7. Voya Illuminating Clay Mask

I am upset that NARS got rid of their spectacular Mud Mask and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye – I hope Voya’s is as good. I am having a acne attack at the moment so we shall see!

8. Quick White

I am not a big teeth whitening fan as I find it makes my teeth and gums sensitive. However, there’s no doubt mine have been looking stained so I want to give this treatment a go and get everything a bit brighter so I can just keep up with the maintenance for a while! 

If I get a chance I will try to do a video this weekend too and also use some pretty eyeshadow palettes I have had for a while!  I also have some bits and pieces to catch up with at home.  My head is actually spinning with the amount of things that are going on at the moment, but hey, that’s life. 

How about you?

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