The Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day Update; Part 2!

I was set the T-Day challenge (that is the tights off day) by Vaseline (first post here) where I had to use the Essential Moisture lotion on my legs for 10 days to see if it improved their condition and make them summer weather ready!

Well…the weekend I started this challenge there was sun…since then the weather has been up and down (this is England after all).  Nevertheless, I have been consistently using the Essential Moisture lotion on my legs – so here are my thoughts!

Vaseline intensive moisture

 I haven’t used Vaseline Body Lotion for a long time – but I always used to use the original formula stuff when I lived at home cos it’s my mum’s favourite!

This essential moisture lotion is a medium rich textured lotion, which feels comfortable on the skin and sinks in quickly.  It doesn’t leave a greasy residue which is really important as I can’t stand oily skin and it has a very natural simple scent.  

I am not very regular with my body creams AT ALL – I just run out of time usually, but sticking to this daily application meant that my skin felt a lot smoother and hydrated than normal.  I can get slightly greyish (if you know what I mean) skin from the winter and this made a lot of difference;

Vaseline Moisturiser Test

This definitely made my skin look a lot smoother and made me confident enough to go tightness for the whole 2 days it was warm (it is currently freezing so no, I won’t be going tightness when it’s chilly! Brrr!).  

One of my favourite ever body moisturisers is Kiehls which is gorgeous but so very expensive. For the price, Vaseline’s represents good value for a lot of product; there are other similar lotions out there at the same price point but I quite like this one as it’s low of the fragrance and sinks in easily. 

I took my moisturised legs out on the rare summery day for a BBQ!

Vasline Leg Test Moistuiser

With my new PAINFUL shoes from Aldo!

Vasline Intensive Essential Moistuire

Enjoying the sun – I had changed to some hideous £1 flip flops in this picture hence the cut out feet!

Day out

Baby on my shoulder, yo!


If you can keep up with a daily application of moisturiser then you will have super duper lovely soft skin.  Being honest, I know I probably won’t but even with applications every few days, my skin still feels nice and soft.  In the summer (if we have a summer) I will definitely moisturise more!

Vaseline’s lotion is a good choice as it’s purse friendly and you get enough product to last a good while.

  • Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion is RRP: 200ml, £2.75 and RRP: 400ml, £4.59
  • Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion is Available from all leading supermarkets and chemists including Superdrug and Boots.
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