The Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day Challenge, Part 1!

Yesterday, I stepped outside and there was some strange orange orb in the sky radiating warmth….IS THAT THE SUN?

Oh aye, it was the sun.  Here’s the thing – oop North, the sun doesn’t appear that often and even if it does, by the time you’ve run home to put a skirt on and rub in some sun cream, it’s started raining.  But with all things going well…we might have some sunshine for the upcoming week!

And that brings us to the Vaseline Essential Moisture T-Day (get rid of TIGHTS day!) Challenge.  The challenge is for me to test the hydrating qualities for the Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion for a week either day and night to see what difference it makes to my skin.  Here is the product;

Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion For Dry Skin Product Information

I am all for the likes of Vaseline body lotions because I don’t like anything too heavy and takes forever to sink in, and I try not to spend too much on body products if I can help it.  

Now, what are my 5 top tips for getting your legs ready for the sun?

1. Ice Cube Me!

Duh – obvious right?  Except I’ve seen quite a few hairy bare legs wondering around!  I guess the key is finding the method that is right for you whether it is waxing, hair removing cream, shaving or even IPL.  Remember that you might need to remove hair in advance of the sunshine if you are sensitive too.  If you are afraid of the pain there are numbing creams and even running an ice cube over the skin in advance numbs it slightly (I do this for the bikini area!). 

2. Scrub!

Exfoliating will keep the skin lovely and smooth and also prevent ingrown hairs.  You can buy a tub of scrub of course, but I also love homemade scrubs made from salt and olive oil – it also helps your skin out if you are a little dry.  Remember if you don’t like using scrubs you can use a good old loofah or a scrub pad.  

I can get ingrown hairs from hair removal – I have found that a toner or exfoliating liquid which contains AHA/BHA helps to exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown hair!

3. Pedicure!

I have some friends who are passionate about people not exposing horrible trotters when the sun comes out and that means – tons of hard dead skin on the heels and horrible yellowing nails!  

I am fortunate I have been told I have nice feet with no hard skin (or maybe I’m not working hard enough?!) – treat yourself to a pedicure!  A good pedicure will last for a while, especially if you go for a gel polish on the toes.  I love pedicures that include a foot massage!  

If it’s too expensive you can easily buy all the tools you need from the chemists or online such as a foot file.  Regular moisturiser (like this Vaseline lotion!) works just as well as regular foot cream!

4. Try foot peeling lotion

For another quick perk try a foot peeling lotion – these nifty products hail from Asia, and you wear them on your feet like socks for 30 minutes upwards.  A few days later the hard skin will fall off your feet and you’ll have super soft tootsies! 

5. Moisturise regularly

And were back to the challenge! No doubt applying lotion regularly to your skin makes a big difference – I for one can easily forget with my daily schedule, so making a commitment to quickly slap some on everyday after a shower or before bedtime will make a big difference to your skin.  I noticed how my skin looks glowy with a sheen (even on my legs!) when I’ve used regular moisturiser so it’s definitely worth sticking with!

So will my legs be ready in 7 days to be exposed sans tights?  Tune in next Friday to find out! 

Are your legs ready for the summer??

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    I think it’s going to take a bit more sun than this for me to get my legs out!
    Great post thought

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  2. says

    Ahh, I get ingrown hairs from hair removal too and sometimes they lead to inflammation and rashes. It got to a point where I stopped removing hair from my legs. Definitely gonna try AHA together with exfoliation