The Semi Straightening Treatment? John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Review

I’m not one for John Frieda hair products – they just don’t enthuse me but I couldn’t say no when I saw an offer on at Boots – any 2 frizz ease items for £7.50. Bargain seeing as one of these serums is about £7 alone.

I bought 3 Day Straight and Frizz Ease Intense Serum:


As some of you may know I got a perm a few months ago and have been struggling with controlling the frizz. I have started to straighten my hair again just so I have some control over it and boy – did I miss my straight locks!

The Frizz Ease serum I haven’t tried enough to review – it’s just silicone that you apply to very wet hair and it seems to work ok although I’m not jumping for joy about it. It’s the 3 Day Straight I am interested in!The instructions are specific:

Spray throughout damp or wet hair, NOT on dry hair. Start with 10-15 sprays. Use more or less, depending on hair length and thickness.

Step 1: Wash & condition with Frizz-Ease® Smooth Start® Shampoo and Conditioner

Step 2: Spray Frizz-Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray on wet hair

Step 3: Blow Dry

Step 4: Straighten with hair straighteners

Days 2 & 3: No need to wash, just touch-up with hair straighteners if desired.

It’s important to realise the straightening bit is the key. When I blow dried my hair with this stuff I looked like coco the clown. Only with straighteners did they settle. This spray therefore requires time and elbow grease it is not a miracle instant straightener.


The product is easy to use, it smells ok, it made my hair feel a bit rough but it did, totally, keep my hair straight for 3 days with no touch ups.


I get the same result with a good blow dry or a good straighten. My hair won’t just bounce back to curls if I have taken the time to use a straightening product followed by a blow dry followed by straightening irons. The curls only come back when I wash it.

Therefore, for me, I don’t see the point of a specific 3 day straight product if I have to put just as much work in as with a normal blow dry/straighten, but if you do have hair that bounces back to curls perhaps you will have a different result to me.

I also don’t think this product adds shine and if anything, made my hair feel stiff.


Not for me, ladies.

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  1. Emilyjane says

    My hair stays straight for three days when I’ve used the irons on it even without a special straightening product. When I saw the ad for this on tv I said to Mr emilyjane that I thought it was a gimmick, just cashing in on the new salon keratin treatments. Boo John Frieda.

    • Row says

      Hi Emily

      I agree. If I can be bothered to straighten properly it will STAY THAT WAY. I bet that’s the case for most people, unless they have super duper curly hair, OR they get it wet x

  2. Ange says

    I don’t know if it’s available in the UK, but Oribe Supershine moisturizing cream has been a lifesaver for my frizzed out wavy hair. I just saw a great trick to get rid of flyaways in a magazine! Put a bit of pomade on a disposable mascara applicator and comb it through gently. It’s done wonders for me

  3. Maiara says

    This 3-day-product I haven’t tried yet, but I do like the Frizz Ease serum. I think it controls the frizz very well.

  4. says

    I have very unruly, naturaly wavy/curly hair that tends to frizz easily depending on outdoor humidity, but when I take the time to blow dry properly AND straighten and finish off with a tiny bit of oil or silicone drops, it will stay that way for the most part… You ‘ve saved me from an uneccessary purchase by the looks of it and your timing was great too, since I’ve been curious about this lately!
    Thanks Rowena! :) xx