The Perfume Course at The Cotswold Perfumery for people who like…Fragrances!

A few weeks ago I was supposed to attend a Perfumery lesson at The Cotswold Pefumery.  I was really looking forward to it; I’m no perfume connoisseur but I do love a bit of DIY – unfortunately Mr C’s car broke (who needs a clutch anyway?) so we couldn’t make the 4 hour drive.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d show you The Cotswold Perfumery! Such a pretty building!

The Cotswold Perfumery

The perfumery courses are run by John Stephen, who takes you through the process using 600 plus essential oils, gums, resis and absolutes to create a unique scent.  They also sell scents in the store and do factory tours!

There are 2 courses, Level 1 (£125 on Saturdays) and Level 2 (£250) on Sundays.  You must’ve completed Level 1 to do Level 2.  They also have holiday apartments for people who need overnight accommodation!

Level one course (for first-timers) is a fun one-day course for those who are intrigued by the industry, and want to create their very own unique fragrance. No prior knowledge is necessary and you will take a 25ml perfume home that you have made on the day and with all notes kept on file, you can have it made again in future.



Level two is more ideal for those who want to take their skills to the next level, or for those who have a commercial interest. It is important to note you must have completed Level one to partake in Level two. At the end of the course you will take home a 25ml bottle of your personalised fragrance.

The Cotswolds Perfumery

To be honest I wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to making my own scent – I’m the person who starts of making a chicken soup and it ends up a everything-left-over soup! To start I guess I would say my no. 1 favourite perfume in the whole world is Stella, followed at the moment by Lijiang from Molton Brown.  I also love Basil and Bay is anything.

Oh I know – something that smells like a garden full of flowers and herbs.  Go figure.

Visit their site for more info or call 01451 820 698 for details and to book (I believe they get booked up very quickly).

What kind of perfume would you create?

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  1. Jen says

    Something fresh and fruity…nothing too floral, “green” or spicy (these are usually scents that trigger headaches for me!). I think I’d quite like masculine undertones as well, to make the scent a bit more unisex, as I’m not too into girly girly scents