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Most of us have heard of ‘identity fraud’ – there’s always some kind of report about it in the news no doubt because we are living in an age of endless, constant shared information thanks to the internet.  Let’s face it – most of us who use social media, tend to overshare. 

IdentityProtect Protect

Quite easily and inadvertently we share information that seems so innocent but can be used for identity fraud; for example, ever heard someone ask you to find out what your Pornstar name is by combining your pets name and your mother’s maiden name?  By answering, you’ve just given someone two of your potential security passwords away. 

Some facts – in the UK around 4 Million people have been victims of identity fraud, and the average cos is £1190 up to as much as £9,000.  It can take an average of 444 days for someone to realise their identity has been used, which makes things harder to resolve in the long term.

The most recent experience for me was with my mother, who had a credit card statement stolen.  Now, she wasn’t aware it was due, so wasn’t waiting for it.  The statement rather sillily had a blank cheque attached to it, for people who want to use some of their credit as cash and the person who stole the statement wrote themselves a cheque for the full credit amount (because of course her statement had the credit limit on it).  It wasn’t until a large credit card bill arrived the following month that my mother realised what had happened and had to contact the bank to investigate the matter, which they did, but it took months and was extremely stressful. 

Oh and you know what else annoys me?  When my email and mobile data is clearly being passed on and I get a ton of spam or even worse, those irritating recorded messages on my mobile asking if I have ever heard of PPI! Argh!

IdentityProtect is a new ‘bot’ by Experian, and is designed to scan the web 24/7 looking out for suspicious activity and making sure that your information isn’t being stolen. 

The ID Bot protects important details, like credit and debit card numbers, national insurance numbers, house addresses, emails, phone numbers, bank account info etc. It’s up to you what it protects. 

If the ID Bot finds anything suspicious you are alerted immediately, so you can investigate and act before it goes further.  They look out for your data being shared, sold, mis-used or exposed.

If something does happen to you, the ID Bot will advise you accordingly on how to rectify the problem.  

Certainly if you have been through identity theft before, or you’re interested in prevention, then this could be something worth spending £4 a month on.  

Check out the People’s ID Bot Facebook Fan Page to learn more about identity fraud and share experiences and news.  

Additionally I have 10 free one year subscription codes for the Identity Protect website (usually 30 days free, then £3.99 a month) – just pop me an email or leave a comment if interested, they are first come first serve. 

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  1. Mayeesha says

    Hi Row,

    If you have a code available still, I would really appreciate it if you passed one on to me. I’ve had some expensive T-mobile phones and contracts taken out of my name, though I don’t understand why they would give someone a phone without charging them first, and it would really help me out as I’m worried they still have my details, ready to use them whenever!