The Pencil That Does Everything! Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches

** Update – I used this eBay seller to buy the pencils, they arrived within a week **

When I spotted this new release from Etude House, a brand which if I am honest I have found very samey of late, I was like YEAH BABY!  

Play 101 Pencils is a collection of 50 (yes, 50!) multi use pencils that went on sale in April 2014.  These pencils were developed with Korean make up artist Pony (she is on You Tube frequently creating that very typical girly, clean, pretty Korean make up look).  I love multi use products and I love the wide selection available in this range.  I ended up buying 9 pencils in total at around £6 each:

Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches

These pencils work as blusher, lip colour, eyeliner, brow colour etc etc.  They also come in a selection of textures, matte, glitter, creamy shimmer, metallic and so on. I tried to pick a selection of colours that I could use to do a ‘whole’ face make up. 

So my choices were – 

05 (GLITTER) – use as eyeshadow or eyeliner. 

08 (MATTE) – use as a base/concealer or eyeshadow

13 (GLITTER) – use as lip colour, blush or eyeshadow

16 – (CREAM)Y – use as a lip colour or blusher

20 – (CREAMY) – use as a lip colour or blusher 

29 – (SHIMMERING) – use as a eyeshadow, lip colour or eyeliner

36 – (GLITTER) – use as an eyeshadow and eyeliner

42 – (MATTE) – use as an eyeshadow, eye liner, contour or eye brow pencil 

47 – (SHIMMERING) – use as an eye shadow or eye liner

Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches 1

I wanted to get a selection of textures and colours.  


Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches 2

All of the pencils swatched well on my hand but I had a mixed experience with them – the quality is quite inconsistent so I will review them one by one. 

05 – This glittery shade is quite nice to use on the eye, pigmented and relatively soft. 

08 – Used as a concealer it’s fine but to use as an eyeshadow it’s not very smooth or easy to spread.  Quite a disappointing dry texture. 

13 – Glittery orange which is almost clownish to wear on the lips – I prefer this on the eyes. 

16 – Pale cool pink which is unflattering on my warm skin tone as a blush but it’s quite a nude and pigmented pink to wear on the lips. Dry textured and snapped easily when in use. 

20 – Rich pigmented hot pink, nice to wear on the lips but it’s also dry textured and more matte than creamy. Accentuates lines. 

29 – Wanted this to look good on the lips but it looks chalky and dry so works better as an eyeliner.  Still lacks softness and pigmentation overall. 

36 – An absolutely glorious turquoise eyeliner, beautiful soft buttery texture by FAR the best pencil for pigment and texture in all of the ones i bought. 

42 – Matte and cool toned taupe brown, great to contour with and also is quite precise. Somewhat pale for my brows and the pencil is a little too creamy, I prefer a harder pencil for the brows. 

47 – Copper bronze shade, which I wanted to be as gorgeous as 36 but it’s drier and applies just ok. Somewhat disappointed with the texture as the colour is lovely. 

Anyway some looks I did – 

Here I have 08 (to conceal) 16 (on the cheeks – I know it’s OVERDONE but basically the pencil snapped off and rather than wasting it I used it on my cheeks. All at once.) 42 (on my brows and crease) and 29 on the lips. 

Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches 5

This one is 47 on the lid, 36 on the waterline, and 20 on the lips. 

Etude House Play 101 Pencil Review and Swatches 4

I bought 9 pencils and to be honest the only ones I will reach for again regularly are; 20, 36 and possibly 42 and 47. The rest are ok pencils but not really multi use because the textures were too dry for me to happily apply it to my eyes or cheeks.  
No. 36 is a really stunning liner though and is a ‘glitter’ – I am tempted to buy more in the same set such as a rich emerald green (no. 38) and purple glitter (no. 34) and hope that they are as gorgeous in texture as No. 36 – but clearly, there’s no guarantee. 
Would you try out these interesting pencils?
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