The Peach Baby: Juju Shiromomohada Peach Whitening Mist Review

Juju (ahem) a Japanese brand, produces affordable skincare – one of their most famous ranges is the Aquamoist range which is based around Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

One of their newest releases is the Shiromomohada range which has 2 products – a peach whitening mist and lotion. I purchased the fine mist:

Peach Whitening Mist

I don’t know why I find the picture of a baby’s head in a peach a little bit cute-scary!  I also don’t know why I keep buying facial mists when I never use them throughout the day…

Although they work well as toners.  That is my excuse.

First off you get quite a lot of product here (250ml) so it’s not really carry round friendly.  It does smell lovely, of peaches and as a bonus it’s free of alcohol and mineral oil.  I am surprised by how many face spritz’s I’ve acquired that do contain alcohol.

This works pretty well as a face spritz – it’s refreshing, it doesn’t leave the skin tight but it doesn’t hydrate either. I think Frogtime is better for that. It is slightly richer than normal water, but doesn’t leave a glow to the skin or any kind of residue.

At the same time, it makes quite a strong mist (like, you look like you’ve run through a car wash) unlike my Jill Stuart lavender mist which is extremely fine and light.

This is supposed to help whiten the skin, I haven’t noticed anything like that. After all you are only using it as a light mist,  I don’t see how it can leave you with paler skin.

Overall if you have oily-normal skin, love peach scents and want something very non imposing as a facial mist, you could do worse that this.

I bought if from for about £7.

I feel wrong doing a post with only one photo in it, so here’s a picture of a cat with a melon skin on his head.

Cat with fruit on head 1


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  1. Jen says

    That baby reminds me of george dawes from shooting stars!! I think the fact that it’s a disembodied baby’s head thats disconcerting!
    That kitten with the pomelo skin on its head is soooooo cute!!!

  2. says

    the baby is a bit cute-scary.
    It’s too happy to be on the bottle of a facial mist 😛
    that kitten is so cute! is the fruit photoshopped? :)