Skin79 The Oriental Shimmering BB Cream Review

From Skin79 comes The Oriental Shimmering BB Cream – now why did I buy this when I have pretty much given up on most BB creams?

Because with it’s shimmery finish I figured this product would be an excellent highlighter!


They say:

The oriental tea blending ingredients including White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea keeps skin brighter and glossier by offering comfort to skin. Two patent ingredients, Nano Vita Silk containing Silk Amino Acid and Vitamin type ingredients and Oriental Tea Newplex containing various tea ingredients deliver effective components to make healthy skin.

This product is handy!

It comes in a giant fat pen and has a brush built into it. Makes is easy to use but you must keep the head clean otherwise it just becomes a massive breeding ground for germs and starts to smell (like the way YSL Touche Eclat does after a while!).

Packaging is quite appealing:


Skin79 is an unusual brand that began with BB creams, they now have skincare products and concealers and so on.

Here is the brush head, it’s synthetic. It’s actually so full that it makes it somewhat difficult to blend with:


Click click! This is how the product comes out. It is very glowy so I don’t think anyone should use this as an all over product! You’d look like the moon….


I’ve been using it down the nose and around the ‘c’ zone and under the eye. It works quite well – there is shimmer but in a really beautiful subtle way and is very glowy. I didn’t notice any irritations with this product as I sometimes can with BB products.

The result:



Yes I like this product! It’s been quite a hand highlighting product but you do have to be careful you don’t get too much out because the applicator dispenses too much.

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  1. alvira says

    I got this one in sample size from their black miniature set and it’s very shimmery I agree with you it can be used only as a highlighter or may be if someone wants to look like edward cullen they can apply it on their whole face:)

  2. Jen says

    I love the gold and pink Skin79 bb creams!! This one looks pretty good too for highlighting, although I don’t really like products with in-built brushes. I think I’ve seen another Skin79 bb cream that is called Diamond something (in a tall, thin pink bottle), have you tried this one yet? I’m just wondering if it is similar to this one, in that it is shimmery