The News Page, Giveaway and Nails!

Can you believe its October? Have you achieved all you wanted to this year?

I had many rants to post about this week, but I’ve realised that ranting only leads to more ranting, until one is so ranted out, that there is nothing left of oneself but a puddle of angst. So I will refrain.

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Instead, let me draw your attention to the new…

News Page

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This is a quick place to go to to find out any significant news of whats coming up – for example, what the new posts of the week are going to be, what and when the new tutorials are coming up, when the blog sale will start, when (if you have bought something) has been shipped. Click here to take a look!


Last weeks giveaway will be extended slightly because of the Postal Strikes in the UK, all the things I ordered for giveaways are AWOL. *sob*. So feast your eyes on this giveaway – which is four brand new full sized goodies here.


This month, our swatch of the day will be all nail products from Illamasqua. I think most of us will agree that the Illamasqua website is in need of some real life swatches, so hopefully they will be of use for you nail addicts out there.

Peace & Kittens!

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