The Multi Talented Palette!

So in my last post I had bought a £8 Shu Uemura empty palette to put my lip sticks in.

This is not the first time. I love the idea of the project, but when it comes to it, I DO NOT, ever, get a lip palette out and carefully apply a lip colour with a lip brush. Its because I spent too long on my eyelashes already.

So, my best lipsticks have already been hacked into a blunt edge into empty palettes I haven’t even touched.

Now, I thought, what an I do that will distract me from doing my gigantic pile of work how can I make this palette one I will use, rather than make, and never touch again?

Variety baby! I hate carrying too much of anything apart from pens, you can never carry enough pens so for me, the best palette would have a few eye colours (cool tones please), some blusher, some lip colour.

I had a quick look through my gigantic pile of make up and decided what were the things I would actually use, and didn’t mind chopping up for the sake of art.

For eye colour, it would have to be cream, or something meltable (in the old days, I made these palette by chopping the product, shmushing it with my finger covered in tissue and it always made a horrid mess!).

I noticed that I have 9, largely untouched MAC Shadesticks because they are the crappiest thing I have ever owned. Happy to chop off about 1.2 inch of each one, I choose four shades that I liked the most.

Blush – well I have nearly all of Nars Multiples happily sitting unused in my box, so I choose a highlighter, a bronzer and a blushy colour.

Lips – Hmm, whilst I was tempted to stick in a russian red, a hot pink – lets get real – I’m a nude and peach girl.

This is what I ended up with! A totally useful, and multi talented palette. You can put in anything you can melt (but nothing too soft, something that will solidify).

It only took 40 mins to make. I made a mess in some of the squares though, but never ye mind –

Top, Left to Right –

MAC Shadestick –

Lucky Jade (green)
Sea Me (blue)
Gentil Lentil (Brown)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stick -Black Pearl

Bottom, Left to Right –

Nars Multiple -Copacobana (white)

Stila Convertible Colour – Gladioli (Orange)

Back to Nars Multiple – Portfino (pink)

Palm Beach (bronze)

Two lip colours at the end – a pink and yellow based nude –

MAC Frecketone & MAC Blankety

Do you like? This palette is very me, cool eyes and nude lips.

Also, the Multiples and Convertible colours can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes making this a very talented palette indeed!

If you had 10 squares, what would you melt into your palette?

Have to go, got an RMK facial now…have a great Bank Holiday Weekend!

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Yeah, We Love Beauty did a video feature of melting listicks into palettes, but even they weren’t clever enough to see past lippies! You’re idea is brilliant and far more useful!

    Myself, I intend to purchase empty metal pans (you know, the kind that Stila eyeshadows, et alia, come in) and melt my lipsticks into those, so that I can stick them in any Stila-compatible palette. That way I can easily change the colors in the palette, whenever I want.

  2. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    that is pretty cool! i wouldn’t have thought of using shadesticks. If I ever get one of those I’m gonna do that with my NYX eye pencils since I don’t know how i’ll ever sharpen them.

    thanks for replying to my question btw. i checked them out today but the guerlain lady was so snooty! And i didn’ want to try them on because they were just testers…didn’t wanna stick that thing in my eye when I don’t know when its been. If you do get the chance to do the pic, could you do the blue one? I’m thinking I might still get the blue one anyways…but from a less snooty salesperson.

  3. Row says

    Hey Mandy

    Why thankyou…yeah I thought about the Stila trick but using a MAC Palette since I have a few of those pans left from pressing pigments!

  4. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Aaahhhh of course! Guerlain have some of the snottiest old bags in the world! I don’t know why that is I but I feel that too from the counters near me and like you said the stick isn’t that hygenic.

    Which NYX pencils do you mean….I want to melt more stuff!….

    I shall do an eye chart thing with Gueralan at some point over this next week for ya! I do recommend it but apply especially carefully :)

  5. Eru, says

    I absolutely love the idea!!
    It’s so cool having shadesticks, lippies an even multiples on a single palette!! And so useful~~
    Eru :3

  6. yummy411 says

    omg! this is the hottest palette ever. i need to do this and take 20lbs. out of my makeup bag that i carry on my shoulder daily (ummm and never get around to applying! LOL)

    this is going to sound silly as everyone but myself has melted anything… how much is the shu palette and how did you melt the products (including the shadesticks!) did you shop them off in the palette and pop it into the microwave (me doing this.. splattering cosmetics around the microwave!)

  7. Row says

    Hi Yummy!

    The palette cost me £8. If you are in the US, I think its about $12 (I doubt it would cost as much as in the UK).

    All you do is chop a bit off (not too much), and melt it on a metal spoon, and over a candle. If its waxy, it will melt – something take a bit longer, like the shadestick, then stir stir stir when its melted to keep the pearl well distributed, then quickly pour into the mould!

    Oh and dont hold too close to the flame! It crackles and pops sometimes!

    I want to melt everything I own now, everything!

  8. Row says

    Hi Eru

    Nearly didnt see u there!

    Thanks! I wanted to create a palette I might actually use one of these days and I think I will with this one! Its just got a little bit of everything 😀

    I want to make another one just for my Nars Multiples – they were really easy to melt down.

  9. yummy411 says

    THANK YOU!!! I hope to have a well functioning palette as cute as yours!!