The Lipstick that Changes Colour! Etude House Follow Me Tint Vary Pink SPF 13 Review

Lip Glosses and lip tints that change colour to ‘adapt’ to your own lips are seriously hip – just look at Bourjois’s Rose Exclusif!

I do think that all of these kind of lip products end up at a rosy pink – on me anyway – I’ve yet to see a truly unique shade come out of these kind of glosses!

I bought this Etude House Follow Me Tint in ‘Vary Pink’ just cos I thought the packaging looked cute:


I’m not sure why this range is called ‘Follow Me’!

I like the packaging, even though it’s plastic, it’s really cute! The lipstick is a light minty blue and it changes to a (can you guess)…pink!


This lipstick has a very soft, hydrating texture and the finished lip is glossy, juicy and plump!

It applies easily and leaves a really smooth even finish and the fact that is has a SPF13 is a huge bonus…
A lot of the glosses I see start as clear and change to rose – this is a light blue that changes to a light pink. The colour starts to change as soon as the lipstick makes contact with skin, and doesn’t develop more than a shade or so (whereas Rose Exclusif seemed to keep going)….


Anyway – I LOVE this lipstick!


I was expecting quite a deep pink, nothing extraordinary but I ended up with such a soft pretty light pink, so wearable with a beautiful texture:



If you want to try a flattering lipstick that ‘changes’ colour on your lips then this is a gorgeous choice – such a nice finish and texture!

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  1. Astrid says

    ooh lovely colour! I think the range is called follow me because it’s part of a special edition 2NE1 park bom range so it must just be named after their song :-) I’m planning a big etude and skinfood haul from korea soon, so I will probably include this!

  2. Rebecca Ho says

    omgggg it looks lovely on your lips i wanna try it now!!!
    and i love 2ne1!!
    is it only one “shade”…?

  3. alexis says

    i also have this. it’s good but i don’t like the smell and taste (and the glossy finish. XD). LOL
    it changes when you apply it again and again. (or i don’t know if it’s just me.^^)
    i tried applying it for, i think, 3 times and it changed from light pink to fuchsia pink.

  4. Rose says

    mine turned out a darker shade of pink even though it was the first coat.. 😐 but I still liked it 😀

  5. Anna says

    I need this lip stick, never had one that changes the colour, plus it’s 2ne1 follow me song! gotta love it