The Lipstick Blusher! Addiction Cheek Stick: Amazing and Nocturne Review and Swatches

There are some products you wait and lust over for quite a while before they end up in your possession.  This is exactly what happened with the Kose Addiction Cheek Sticks. I have wanted them for a long time and finally they are mine!  I chose 2 shades, Amazing a hot pink and Nocturne, a nude beige.

Addiction Cheek Stick Nocturne Amazing 1

What is a cheek stick?! What? Eh?! Why? Why do you like it so much? Huh?

It’s actually a super cool product and a nice concept!  A lot of professional make up artists use lipsticks as blushers (clever multi taskers they are) and MUA Ayako, the brains behind Addiction recognised this and decided to create stick blushers in the lipstick format that were perfect for cheek application…

The Cheek Sticks may just look like regular lipsticks but they have other benefits because they don’t leave a sticky or glossy finish like some lipsticks do. They are also fragrance free! Therefore they offer the convenience of a lipstick (ie. being small and compact) but without the downsides of actually using one.

And yes they can be used as an actual lipstick:

Addiction Cheek Sticks Noctune Amazing

The packaging is quite light and plastic; pink at the base and black on the top.

There aren’t that many colours yet;

Addiction Cheek Sticks 1

The other shades I considered were Rose Bar and Aqua Bronze.

I chose Amazing and Nocturne based on the fact that I wanted colours that are truly multi use.  Amazing, a hot pink, is my kind of shade for cheeks and lips, and Nocturne I figured could be used to contour, add most warmth and also to create a nude lip and even as a colour on the eyes.

Addiction Cheek Sticks Pink Amazing Nocturne

Nocturne is a great nude beige. It’s a truly dead shade in that, it is flat, it doesn’t have undertones of yellow or red or blue – it’s just flat and very neutral.

Amazing is a bright blue pink.


Addiction Cheek Sticks Nocturne Amazing

I am loving this product!

For one thing I think it applies really well on the cheek; it blends nicely and sets, lasting a good 4-5 hours without being greasy.  It has a light texture and works on the lips; it does feel more moussey than an average lipstick but it’s still decent.  It does feel drier than a normal lipstick though.

It’s a bright shade but not horrible and actually quite wearable on the lips and cheek. I am wearing it here on the left on my cheeks and lips!

Addiction Cheek Stick Romance Amazing


Worth waiting for! I just love products that are easy to carry around and work well. I have my beady eyes on Reflection and Rose Bar now!

*I bought this! They are about £18 each.

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  1. Jen says

    Amazing is such a great colour for both lips and cheeks, looks great on you! I would have just assumed these were lipsticks if I hadn’t had read your review lol