The lip gloss that Angelina wore at the Golden Globes? Chantecaille Love…or Charm?!

Her highness, Angelina Jolie was seen applying lipstick like one of us normal plebs at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago and everyone wanted to know (well, I did) what lipgloss she uses on those juicy lips of hers!


Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Brangeloonie, I do find her kind-of captivating though.

My source 1, who shall not be named, told me it was Chantecaille Brilliant Lip Gloss in CHARM, a nude sheer beige. Her source was also a very direct, reputable source.

Off I go to Space NK and plonk down a rather hefty £23 for one of these lip glosses (they are quite generously sized though).

Then next thing you know the direct, reputable source decided it wasn’t CHARM, it was LOVE…


I like the lilac packaging from Chantecaille…Chantecaille is one of those ridiculously expensive brands, no? But I guess the range is a really nice treat now and then.

The packaging is simple, but quite heavy weight, I like:


Love is a pale, sheer pink. I find these pale sheer lip glosses ridiculously boring, so so so dull, I am all about hot pink and milky opaque Japanese glosses at the moment so the prospect of going back to SpaceNK (after previous experiences) to plonk down another £23 was just too much.

(I’m afraid returning cosmetics, even when they are unused is not so straightforward in the UK.)

Anyway I had a change of heart for the sake of this post and went back to buy Love (as you can see!).



These glosses are very shiny, have a fine shimmer to them, and fill in the lines. They aren’t fragranced (or at least I can’t smell anything) and are nicely hydrating.



On the lips – Charm is extremely sheer and on my lips doesn’t really look like anything:


This is LOVE – the sheer pink. It’s actually nicer than Charm, it warms the lips up more and has a faint shimmer:


So do we all think it IS Love that Angelina was wearing?

Me and Muse think it’s Charm still, based on the colour Angelina seems to have on her lips and the wand in her hand, plus she doesn’t strike me as a pink lip gloss kinda gal. Hmmm.


Are these lip glosses worth £23? Of course not. Considering the fact I just got a load of Lavshuca Spring Lip Glosses (to die for) for about £7 each, you can’t realistically justify the price of Chantecaille, even if they are quite generously sized and have nice textures.

You can easily get equivalents easily for half the price, especially when the shades are so no descript. However – I spotted a really nice, more pigmented shade called ‘Classic’ which I would consider buying – I don’t mind when the shade is a bit different, I just don’t see the point when it looks like 50 other (cheaper) glosses. Worn by Angelina, or not.

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  1. says

    I’m not a huge Angelina fan either but I was interested to know what gloss she used. And I agree if the colour is special then it’s worth the money, otherwise, not really. And the amount you get is actually small for a gloss, just 3 mls (but of course the packaging makes it look like you get a litre of lipgloss :)

  2. says

    This post made me LOL! :DDD

    Ok, so, the site changed the..identification? The words “marketing ploy” dare emerge in my head…oops!

    I still think its Charm, more fleshy toned than the Love one, and that’s usually her style!!!

    They’re both beauuutiful though, aaaalmost enough to make me doubt my Gloss-Out. Ahhh!


  3. Lear says

    Hi, there! Have been reading your blog for a while. Like your sincere reviews very much! I cannot remember if you’ve reviewed the recent limited edition NARS lip glosses yet or not (there’re just too many reviews). But I bought the ‘orgasm’ one recently, it’s very sparkly but it doesn’t ‘taste’ good, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if it’s a common thing with NARS because this is the first NARS gloss I bought. Anyway, carry on blogging, and I’ll be your faithful reader!

    • Row says

      Hi Lear

      Thanks for visiting :) I haven’t reviewed the Nars glosses but I have quite a few from the core collection. I find that Nars glosses don’t smell nice at all (quite plastic) and don’t taste too good although they aren’t bitter. It’s funny that Nars don’t address the scent and taste – but yeah I would say it’s not a nice gloss to accidently lick!