The Konjac Sponge Review! Baby Sponge and Bamboo Charcoal Varieties!

A few weeks ago I told you about the Konjac Sponge, a beauty sponge innovation made from the Konjac Potato (native to Asia).    To cover some of the alleged benefits in a few lines, the reason for using this special potato is because it’s entirely natural, dye free, biodegradable, full of vitamins, exfoliates, generates more bubbles if you use it with your foamy cleanser etc etc.  

It’s like a magic sponge *puffs smoke*.

I was sent a selection of sponges to try.  They come in sealed plastic pouches like this:

Konjac Sponge Baby

This is a good thing as the sponge is a natural product, it sweats in the pack a big so this keeps everything hygienic. 

There’s a few things to do before using the sponge and also ways to take care of it;

1. Wash it throughly (plunge into water several times and squeeze out). 

2. If the sponge has dried out allow it to absorb water before putting it against your skin as it goes hard

3. Soap is not necessary

4. It will last 1-3 months depending on how much you use it, and it will start to break down. 

5. Squeeze out moisture after use and let it dry out. Do not store it somewhere damp (well, too damp, it is a bathroom after all) like in a shower cubicle or…er….in your toilet.

I have the baby sponge and the sponge with added bamboo charcoal which is good for acne apparently or blemishes (I currently have a spotty forehead). 

These sponges are very unusual in texture. They completely remind me of Ma-Lay-Gao which is the phonetic way of saying Malay Sponge Cake or Cantonese Sponge Cake – it looks like this – it tastes great:

Ma lae gao

(In the UK it is served as Dim Sum so try asking for it next time you go for lunch at a Chinese restaurant!).  

Anyway I digress. The Konjac sponge is totally Ma-Lay-Gao in texture, quite thick and dense but spongy, like super squishy like you could keep squishing it and there’s no end point – like a stress ball I guess.  Except you can’t, it’s delicate. 

I have been using this Charcoal sponge for a while now and I like it!

The Konjac Sponge Review Baby Sponge and Bamboo Charcoal Varieties

They say that you don’t have to use a cleanser with this sponge and that it will remove impurities alone. I am not sure about that – when I wear make up, not every day any more, but when I do, I wear long lasting foundation and primers so it’s pretty stripper-level-welded on the for day.  In those instances, this sponge is not enough to remove all my make up – I definitely need to use cleansers with this sponge to massage. 

If I was make up free though, I would be happy to use this sponge alone. It has a odd super glidey texture, as if you’ve already squeezed soap into it, although you know you haven’t. 

This makes the sponge very smooth and gentle, but also frustratingly so sometimes – that’s when I need my trusty flannel to be a bit of errr…elbow grease cleansing around the edges of my nose etc. 

The Konjac Sponge Review Baby Sponge and Bamboo Charcoal Varieties 1

Since I have been using this every day it hasn’t’ dried out or even come close to it. It has kept its shape really well though, I can see this lasting a full 3 months without too much bother. 

Baby H’s baby Konjac sponge is a nice one – super gentle – and good for his eczema.  There were times (no so much now) but when he had a skin infection where I avoided ALL products. In those instances, this sponge is brilliant. I do find supermarket baby bath sponges are decent but not that gentle and are ridiculously huge – as if babies have humungous armpits or something. They are good for cleansing the hair though, and this Konjac is a bit small for that.

The Konjac Sponge Review Baby Sponge and Bamboo Charcoal Varieties 2

I have just seen there is a Big Baby Sponge – so I would definitely recommend that, it’s more practical than this small one, although this is quite good for cleaning the face and tricky dusty parts of a baby such as the neck creases and pits. 

Overall – I do like these products. Do ordinary sponges work too – yeah – but I think the baby one is worth it for the little ones delicate skin although I do like to throw his cheap supermarket bath sponges away every week or so – I wouldn’t do that with this dearer one and I wonder if I would be happy using the same sponge on H for 3 months. 

The face sponge I have been using is a nice gentle exfoliant for every day although I feel I can really wipe off the crap with a normal flannel. Those with extremely sensitive skin or conditions that react to being touched will love it’s extremely light and gentle feel on the skin. 

Both the the sponges reviewed here are £6.99. See the full range here.


*PR Samples

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