The Kardashian’s Khroma Beauty Range now available on Cloud 10 Beauty & 15% off!

 Regardless of what you make of the Kardashians, you’ve got to admit they’re make up sure looks good. And they wear make up so well…some people don’t have make up faces.  Some people do. The Kardashian’s do.  

So – I am surprised they didn’t do this sooner – the K sisters have launched Khroma Beauty and it has arrived at Cloud 10 beauty!   Not sure about the name, it sounds like an Italian restaurant.
They say:

Khroma Beauty is the first cosmetics range launched by the uber glamorous Kardashian sisters. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are the creators, ambassadors and faces of the Khroma Beauty. Each product has been designed with Kourtney’s, Kim’s and Khloé’s direction, input and guidance. Every product formula has been tested and approved by all three girls. With Khroma Beauty you can recreate the signature looks for which the Kardashian sisters are famous.

The products:

The Kardashian s Khroma Beauty Range

Khroma Beauty Kardazzle Palettes €16.95/£13.95

The Kardashian s Khroma Beauty Range 2

Mascara Quartet €26.95/£24.45

The Kardashian s Khroma Beauty Range 3

Shebang Eye Transformation Kit €17.95/£14.95

The Kardashian s Khroma Beauty Range 1

Kim Ultra Nude Au Naturel Lip Set €17.95/£14.95

Use the code: KHROMA15OFF for 15% of Khroma Beauty at Cloud 10 for a limited time.  

They are shipping from Friday the 8th of Feb 2013. I will reserve judgement till I’ve tried some of the products.  They seem like good value so far though if you like their kind of make up look the sisters do.

Would you try Khroma?

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