The I want straight hair haul: Featuring Salon Style, Kracie Fuwarie and Liese Hair Wax

Regular readers will know I had a perm recently and it was not a fun experience. Now, nearly 4 months later the perm has started to loosen and I am straightening my hair every time I dry it.

I honestly find most western branded styling products too heavy and crispy. Japanese hair styling products, in my experience, are lighter and don’t tend to leave any crusty, crispy bits.

Because I buy things in 3’s I purchased a 3 step straightening system for myself! This featured:


1. Salon Style Shiny Straight Milky Wax
2. Kracie Fuwarie Straightening Iron Spray
3. Liese Clear Cube Wax on 01 for straight hair.

See what I did there? The pre dry treatment, the iron treatment and the finishing product!

How do these do?First off is Kose’s Salon Style:


Salon Style is a inexpensive Japanese hair styling range. I find that Japanese hair styling products cater for a natural look generally, such as a loose wave, although I’ve tried a few things that have ‘firm hold’ for more coiffed looks.

This product has a pump action and it’s not very big. The product is like a slightly watery cream, it doesn’t feel sticky even though they call it a wax and it smells lovely, quite floral but clean.

This product is FABULOUS. Yes it really is. It’s actually really hard to find a hair product that works so well and just does it’s job.

This hair made my hair super straight, shiny without any stickiness, smell great and just look…amazing. No crunch. No flaking. Just a brilliant product and I don’t get excited about hair products.

2. Kracie Fuwarie Straightening Spray

The Fuwarie collection is so cute (packaging wise) reminds me of Minnie Mouse! I bought some other products from this range for curly hair but I got this to use with my irons.


Inside is a clear liquid – nothing madly special to smell or to look at.

I sprayed this on before using my red hot irons and I think it did a good job – my hair for the record stayed poker straight until the next wash and once again, there wasn’t that horrid crunchy thing going on that I get with other iron sprays.

Also it didn’t get greasy which sometimes I do get with other heat protection sprays (because I can go over board with it!).

Once again a great product – if you are happy with the heat protection spray I don’t see any reason to buy this one but it’s pretty good.

3. Kao’s Liese Clear Cube Wax 01

Liese is another affordable Japanese hair care range that is well worth trying out – their range is HUGE. They have so many kinds of waxes for different styles – medium wax, full wave, medium length wave, long wave – you get the idea.


I am not one for hair wax in the traditional sense – I guess cos I have long hair I don’t really need it. I was pleased to see that this isn’t a thick or hard wax, but more of a gelee type texture.

This means I could scoop a bit out and get it spread out on my hands, then apply to add shine and some control especially at the roots where I can get a bit, er, fluffy.

You don’t get much of this stuff though!!! I had to use 2 scoops to cover my head.

But actually I really like this product. Once again, a nice smell, leaves you with shiny locks, absolutely no grease or crusty leftovers. Fabulous.

There’s loads of different ‘cubes’ for different looks too!

I bought all of these items from eBay from seller: Alphabeautyshop. All of these products were in the £4-£7 price range inc. shipping. I am so fussy about my hair styling products these are well worth it to me and I’ll be buying more. Maybe once I stop being traumatised by the perm, I’ll do a bit of a wave…

Go on! Tell me your favourite hair styling products!

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  1. says

    They sound great! I don’t bother to iron my hair, but if I did, I’d try these products. the cube wax sounds nice in particular

  2. says

    Ooh, I’ll start with the milky wax then. Guess I should sacrifice some of my existing products to make room.

  3. lima says

    u said Salon Style Shiny Straight Milky Wax keeps your hair reli straight, is tht wif the help of heat iron or without? thanks so much! :)

  4. Cammille Graff says

    I have stick straight, flat hair. If I let it dry naturally, my hair will literally dry in a tent shape on my head without curving around my face! I have tried everything from mousse, gel, spray gel, hair tonic, pomade, you name it. The SHIELO BOUNCE STYLE CREME is the best product I’ve used for styling my hair and giving it body.

    Yes, body! You wouldn’t expect body from a creme, seems too heavy. But a dime-size drop rubbed primarily through the roots gives me more fullness and manageability than I’ve had with most mousses and gels. I can also put a wave in my straight hair using a round brush that lasts until the next shampoo!