The Haul I couldn’t resist: Nars Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review!

As you may know, I am a Nars collector (any excuse) and when I saw this Narsissist palette I nearly wet my pants, then I kind of calmed myself down and said NO, YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER RANDOM NUDE PALETTE, then I took a closer look at it and realised that yes, yes I DO need this palette in my life because it is a Limited Edition and I collection this stuff. Also it’s the first time Nars have put this many eyeshadows in to one palette.

So when I saw it online (their store) I added it to my basked ASAP (it was sold out quickly) and purchased for £55:

Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have had my problems shopping with Nars online but this purchase went through with no problems and shipping was free over a certain amount.  Nars always uses UPS which is a very reliable courier service. The size of the palette is roughly what I expected; larger than the mini sized palettes with 6 colours so not really handbag sized, but not huge like Urban Decay Naked palettes, which are a bit of a pain to take around unless you have a really long make up bag.

Typical Nars palette with the rubber – is it just me or is the rubber less sticky these days? It doesn’t seem to have that tackiness as much any more:

Banners and Alerts 1

Inside is 15 neutral or natural or none garish shades. 

I guess these palettes are a response to the huge success of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette – which are great palettes it has to be said. I was really interested as to which shades Nars would put in because he has a tremendous library. Each shade is a rectangle, penny sized (if a penny was square) so enough certainly for many, many applications. I’d rather have these slightly smaller pans and have tons of shades to play with then have bigger pans and less colours. 

There’s also a huge mirror:

Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review 1

In all honestly, looking at this palette doesn’t look phenomenal – everything is quite muted on the left hand side, with a darker and more smoky look on the right. Yet I wouldn’t call it boring; typical Nars throws in some smokey sexy shades and some glitter in there too.

Colours again with the names:

Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review 2

I’ll just say right now I own at least half of these colours already but I do like having them in one place. Also I am not a big neutral eyeshadow buyer so this is a good way for me to get some of those colours. 

Where the colour says I or II, it means it is part of a DUO, and is shade 1 or shade 2 in the palette.

All About Eve I – Neutral cream 

Madrague II – Matte light caramel

Fex – Rich bronze gold (Love)

Bali – Neutral cool brown matte

Coconut Grove – Deep brown with some shimmer

Madrague 1 – Matte cream (All about eve I has a faint shimmer)

Nepal – Sheer light pink 

Ashes to Ashes – Violet Brown (with I didn’t bother buying this solo now)

Brousse 2 – Violet black shimmery 

Mekong – Deep dark brown with gold shimmer (love even if it is a bit 

Belissima 1 – White shimmery beige 

Lhasa – Lavender grey 

Bad Behaviour – Pewter (LE shadow from the Guy Bourdin holiday collection) 

Dogon 2 – Charcoal black 



Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review 3

I love Fez, Mekong, Bad Behaviour and Lhasa the most. 

Anyway I did a standard look on my face using a mixture of light and dark and yes, this is a really handy palette for looks that are wearable – natural or smoky and quite full on, you can do it all with this palette! 

Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review 4

If you think about it, 15 eyeshadows and the palette at £55 = £3.60 per eyeshadow. That is a bargain right?! It has to be! 

There isn’t a single shade on here I would’t use anyway – they are all useable depending on your mood and there’s a nice mix or warm and cool.

Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Review 5

I REALLY hope they bring out a ‘brights’ or ‘colour’ palette and Nars has some really stunning colourful shades too. 


If I were a Nars virgin, this product would be so amazing. As a none Nars virgin, I still think this is a super useful palette to own and is one I could take away with me and I could just add a pop of colour with an eyeliner.  At £55 it sound expensive but you get so many colours all great quality in a large mirrored palette – it is worth it in my opinion 😀 

Have you tried this palette?

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