The Eve Taylor Facial at FOUR London Review & My New Favourite Candle

A few weeks ago I visited FOUR London to try their Eve Taylor facial, a treatment with a difference because it takes a holistic approach that is‘treating the person as a whole rather than the individual symptom’.

What does that actually mean? It means looking at why you’ve got that spot rather than picking at it and covering it up with make up.  I found this ti be a extremely rewarding treatment because of this analysis…but first things first…

Eve taylor

The Eve Taylor facial I had was at FOUR London – to get an idea of what the salon is like read my hair review. The beauty salon area is downstairs and although it’s small, once again it is perfectly formed (I am sick of salons where you can hear every single conversation that’s going on outside the room – FOUR is very private and quiet).

Marie Reynolds, the director of education for Eve Taylor did my facial:

Marie Reynolds

From what I remember it was one hell of a morning and I rushed to get to the salon. I was hot and…well quite sweaty.


I remember lying down and thinking….there’s a hair on my big toe.  I didn’t wax it. Why didn’t I wax it. Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

Luckily, Marie wasn’t the kind of lady to judge and began the treatment with a consultation called the ‘Systems of Analysis’.  This is a 10-15 minute pre treatment where the therapist looks at the feet, face, ears and even brow too see what kind of problems the person may have and what products can be recommended.

Looking at my brow and feet, Marie was quick to identify me as a ‘summer’ person and that I was someone who got that adrenal rush easily; you know, the flipping stomach, the hot flush, the red cheeks – and she’s totally right.  She said that I took stress right to my stomach – right again – I actually get intense pains there if I am under pressure.

Marie’s analysis was so fascinating – she picked up on thing that were quite subtle and rung true, like the fact I have a weakness for spice and salt, and that I have trouble sleeping.  Looking at the sole of my feet, she said I had to watch my salt intake and drink more liquids.  She also mentioned that I eat late – too late – and therefore missed breakfasts which is bad for me.

To be honest she told me many things in the 10 minutes and I can’t remember anything but I did remember immediately feeling a connection with Marie and that her analysis was scarily accurate.

Then the actual treatment!

Relaxed cat

The facial also included a massage on my arms and feet which is always a treat.  Marie used a natural candle from the range to massage my arms with rather than a cream and I had a super relaxing massage and face mask.

I didn’t experience any discomfort or irritation using the range, which is based around aromatherapy.

Eve Taylor | Aromatherapy Skin and Body Care

Eve Taylor skincare doesn’t contain alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin or artificial fragrance.

After the facial was over my skin was glowing and looked much brighter for a few days afterwards.  I also felt like I had some good tips really, about my overall health and things I have been indulging in that is causing me health problems.

This is was an amazing facial and I really felt like I had a once over.

Also whilst I’m here let me show you a candle they gifted me – I LOVE it. I’ve always loved basil in fragrances and scents and this is bay laurel and basil.  It’s quite masculine but fresh. I am in love with it.

Eve taylor bay laurel basil candle

I couldn’t bring myself to burn it – I thought I had a £50 candle situation here but it’s just £12.59 on the site so I am inclined to use it now.

(Side note: if anyone can recommend a scent with basil in it, let me know?).

Eve Taylor Facials at FOUR are available every Friday.  Call 0207 297 9600 to book or for more information about Eve Taylor products and services near you call 01733 260 161.

Check out Eve Taylor Skincare products here. I have some of the products which I review shortly – I’ve had a look at the site and the prices are very reasonable.

Marie also recommended some crystals to me which can be bought from The Crystal Pharmacy. I was recommended Carnelian, Smokey Quartx and Moonstone. I bought some in the end that looked like charms so I could wear them around my neck and honestly – I do feel a little brighter with them on.  Marie said you can also just carry them with you in your handbag if you prefer not to wear them on your body (also the bra was suggested as a carry place!).

Verdict: A brilliant treatment, really.

*Complimentary treatment.

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  1. Jen says

    I love the whole concept of holistic therapy, and treating the whole person and not just the specific symptoms. I’m definitely one where all the stress goes to the stomach too…hence the need for reflux meds :s I was really into crystals at one point, and had chakra necklaces n bracelets, lapis lazuli is still one of my favs to wear :)

  2. says

    that candle sounds lovely!
    my friend was telling me to check out a place in ginza for crystals, maybe I’ll do that next month.