The Ejaculating Foundation: YSL Perfect Touch

I had a major buying something for no good reason at all day, when I brought home YSL’s offering, the Perfect Touch Foundation. It comes with an attached brush, you see, and I am a sucker for ‘on the go’ type products.

YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation By Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.jpg

I am waiting for the brush to start stinking the way that the brush on Touche Eclat does – that awful, putrid vinegar smell….anyway, I know what you’re thinking. An ejaculating foundation?

Well one definition for ejaculation is:

“An abrupt discharge of fluid.”

I can’t think of a better way to describe how this foundation ruined 2 of my (clean) tops…

But first….the usual suspects.


The texture of this foundation is quite light, and sheer. I would say the coverage is only very light – concealer under the eyes and certainly over zits is essential. I guess this ties in with the glowy but natural look they are trying to recreate but its a bit of a pain when you just want all your red bits to be covered up.


See above. Sheer-medium.


There are plenty to choose from and the very patient SA tried about 5 on my skin in the end since a lot of the shades are quite close. I ended up with no. 6 which I’d say matches quite well, but please, do pop outside to check if you need to cos its not immediately noticeable if the colour is off.

YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation By Yves Saint Laurent Beauty-1.jpg


I used this with primer and powder on top – with that it stays well. Without it, this foundation is a bit light and a bit moist and does fade after about 3 hours. I also noticed it can settle on dry patches and bunch up on oiler areas……Powder on top, please.


The result is glowy, not flawless perfect, but glowy perfect. Its the kind of finish I like although I would add a layer of powder to set….thus taking away some of the glow.


I paid £30 – not too bad but not cheap either. I wouldn’t buy this if if this was going to be my only foundation but as one I carry in my make up bag, its great.


It has the brush attached to it – you have to squeeze it out on your hand, then take the product to apply. You can open and lock the brush in by turning it from side to side.

On two occasions I felt like the product wouldn’t come out so I innocently turned them brush side up, gave it a gentle squeeze to get the foundation flowing and *splurt* goes the foundation suddenly and indiscriminately, right in the centre of my brand new top.

Its hard to get out once its in.

It can be fiddly too aside from its spontaneous little fluid expulsions – its easy to squeeze too much out quite frankly and not so easy to get it back in.

YSL perfect touch foundation.jpg


A nice foundation for lazy people like me, and for people who don’t mind a fairly sheer, glowy foundation. Perhaps not for those with greasy skin or who have major blemishes to cover. The attached brush is what attracted it to me in the first place but I see that is actually a pain in the a** – there’s just not enough control.

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  1. Josie says

    I liked this enough to buy a second tube of it, and then I suddenly fell out of love with it. At some point I realized that it looked too much like makeup on my skin, and I think that’s because it’s too sheer and I was using too much to get more coverage. So yes, I agree it’s a good on-the-go foundation and that’s about it.