The Bravissimo Advert is Annoying

This new bravissimo got on my nerves.

Bravissimo are a company that make bras for big chi-chis. Back in the day, it was hard to get hold of bras if you had a fairly small back and big boobies so Bravissimo really took off. Nothing wrong with that…

As a gal with big boobs myself I haven’t bought anything from Bravissimo for a while because:

* There shops aren’t very appealing inside. They have lots of sizes but don’t keep them out you have to try and catch the attention of some daft girl on the counter and ask for a 34 KKKKK Bra please! in Pink!

* The fitting is also quite traumatic and I was fitted there (wrongly) – I know because I had deep red cut lines all over my skin – so they aren’t always right with fittings.

* The website is so-so and the customer service I got from the website has also been so-so. As in slow reponses, if responding at all.

* The quality of some of the stuff is quite bad. At Christmas I ordered a purple wool coat from them for about £120 which isn’t cheap. It was the worst quality coat EVER – yes ok, it fits better around the chest but the polyester lining and cheap wool mix was the worst thing I have felt in a long time…even if the cut was perfect I couldn’t have justified paying £120 for a nasty polyester coat.

* The rest of the clothes I have tried before, getting the SUPER curvy cut (for those with the biggest boob to waist ratio) and still, it won’t go over my chi-chis – so am I super abnormal?! Surely not when they have bra sizes like 30J!

*Prices are very high. I found out what size I was and now I buy from eBay. The same branded bras being sold for £35 plus go for around £10-£15 in eBay.

Anyway my main gripe was with this advert. The girls in it are supposed to be normal customers, which is fine but they are hardly normal. All young, all bouncy and pretty, all with firm tummies – notice how they are all 28, 30, 32 back sizes with large boobs.

What about the normal women who have 36, 38, 40 back sizes to go with there large boobs. They are hardly going to a cross section of their customer base. (Before you ask, I am not a fatty with a vendetta, I have a 32 back).

Besides I don’t believe in the sudden springness they have just because they have a bra that fits. BIG DEAL. If your breasts are lookings like lumpy mountains then you need to go and find a new bra, problem solved, get on with life – otherwise no one cares about how well your bra fits.

If you are going to show off your customers at least show some diversity!

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  1. says

    Once, long ago, I ordered a catalog for plus-sized bras and never received it. Later, I found it in my younger brother’s basement lair. True story.

    I’m a 36D (used to be 34D a few months ago *sigh*) and purchase my bras from Le Mystere. It’s a wrench paying $62 a bra, but Le Mystere bras are the only one’s that don’t collapse under the weight of my giant ta-tas. Do they sell Le Mystere in the UK?

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Never heard of Le Mystere? The poshest bra makers are Rigby and Peller, they do all kinds of sizes but charge around £60-£150 for the pleasure. They also make bras for the queen! Otherwise its the usual brands like Freya, Panache…they are ok.

      Too much information about the catalouge! I know my grandad, god rest his soul, used to flick through my bravissimo catalogues.

  2. Li says

    My mum and I always shopped at Bravissimo, she’s 32HH and I’m 34G, I was really pleased when it opened because growing up there just wasn’t an equivalent to the pretty smaller bras my friends could get in Miss Selfridge etc.

    Bravissimo was basically unaffordable when I was a student, 50quid for two bras meant I didn’t go that often, so I also do what you do and just type 34G into

    I don’t have one but Katie Price Bras look good. I bought 5 new bras for £50 on ebay this week. Gossard, M&S, Ultimo, Lepel. The Lepel is so pretty, I think it’s a Spanish make.

    Tbh I probably won’t buy again from Bravissimo, unless it’s something I really like, but then if you go to the Freya site or whatever they usually have the fuller range there anyway. It is great that a shop like Bravissimo is on the high-street but I think they need to create a more competitive ‘fashion’ range, that’s where Katie Price has captured my attention.

    As for their clothes, I’ve never been tempted, when I’ve seen them in the shop they seem a little flimsy. If you’re paying a lot of money for something it needs to be tailored and feel like quality. They can’t just charge for the novelty of something fitting a big bust (or not).

    I’m glad you wrote this post :)

    • Row says

      Hi Li!

      I share the same size as your mum! I agree, for a lot of women who don’t shop online Bravissimo is a great place (and it says a lot about how our body shapes must be changing too!). But like you i get bored of seeing the same old designs – a lot of the prettier ones won’d go beyond a DD cup of G (marks for a long time only went up to a G). A fashionable and quite sexy range would be nice!

      The clothes are pretty bad fitting – I have their suit (quite nice) shirts and tops (meh) and I’ve tried on their dresses which look fab in the brochere, very very poor in person. I’d rahter have one plain, good quality top than have something made if horrid fabric and looks crap but fits around the bust…its not easy but us big busted girls do get by!

  3. Carol says

    I was realy excited when the bravissimo store opened in Glasgow but to be honest every time I went I had to wait ages to get the bras in my size (32HH) and half the time they never had the ones I wanted. I would spend over an hour in the shop and come out with nothing.

    Now I buy online. I buy some of the older styles and swimwear from ebay and for the new season stock I visit websites such as because they have the same bras as bravissimo but in the sale rather than full price plus free UK delivery.

    Would rather wait a couple of days to have my items arrive to my house than hours hanging around a shop trying to get some help.

    • Row says

      Hey Carol

      I’m going to check out the lembrassa website – I am the same size as you for underwear! it’s such a ridiculous size and hard to get hold of – a lot of underwear and swimwear stops at G or H!

  4. katie says

    Couldnt disagree with you more! I was featured on the new advert and the smaller back sizes dont mean skinny girls, a 30 – 32 back is a 10-12 . Not super skinny, but a healthy size. I think you’ll find your in minority cos most girls lives are changed after discovering bravissimo. From a psychological point of view, as a young girl, which you say all of us are but one we ranged from 21 to mid 30s, it was very important to me that I could get bras that didnt look like granny bras in a 30ff. I suggest you try and get fitted again. As for the cost, you’d pay £30-40 for a good pair of shoes, I know its expensive but having big boobs means we can’t shop in primark for bras!

    • Row says

      Hi Katie!

      Thanks for your viewpoint!

      I agree, big boobs means we are very restricted as to where we can buy bras and for a lot of women, Bravissimo becomes the first port of call – great if you are getting fitted for the first time. But since girls are getting bigger from a younger age (ie. teen) £30-£40 for one bra, presuming you need quite a few in your wardrobe is a lot of money for them (and for a lot of women come to think of it, since sizes fluctuate). I would HIGHLY suggest any woman get fitted then shop on eBay because exactly the same bras on Bravissimo (branded ones) are being sold on eBay for £10-£20 including shipping. My point is that there are lots of places to buy big bras for less money – no one shop should dominate a certain market just because it can.

      The smaller back size thing…I would say size 10-12 is still slim, but as you say healthy. I would also say aged 21-mid 30s is still young too. The advert for me was still very limited in terms of representing true age and size. Its not an attack on the women who starred in the advert but the people who put it together. If I were a 40 year old woman who was a size 18 with big boobs, I wouldn’t feel any more represented than I would by Simple skincare, just because they dumped an Asian woman into the advert!

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. lady in the blue dress says

    Just going back to the annoying advert with the slim women with no tummies and the other 6 points raised.
    I though the whole point of the advert was not only to promote Bravissimo but to also challenge peoples theories on bra sizes?
    So when you see the advert you look at Katie for example and a lot of women, I’m sure, thought that she was a 36D , then her real size popped up and how many of those women thought or said ‘really!?!’
    They have picked larger ladies before and had them in thier adverts. But like any company they have to pick the people that will best promote their brand. 28 and 30 backs were almost unheard of on the highstreet until recently so showcasing sizes like that promotes the fact that you dont have to be a child to need that size.

    The stores are currently going through refurbs as any store will look tired if its been the same way for any number of years, Covent Garden and the new Oxford Circus branches are looking fab now. Not all sizes are kept out as for some designs that would mean having 77 bras out on one rail and thats just one colour option.

    Not all fittings are right but then not all sizes that other tape measure stores give you always fit either. Bravissimo does give you the option to return or exchange a bra that you have worn and found uncomfotable. something I doubt you would get at Marks and Spencers!

    The website has been updated and there is a faceook team that answer questions and product queries. the swiftest way to get an answer is the telephone, customer services definately or to a store if they get a chance to answer it.

    The quality of the clothing has been improved dramatricaly which can be seen with the lace dress from winter 2009, it sold out as soon as the website went live with the new styles. Prices have also been coming down as the quality has gone up. The most recent wool coat was £95 and felt like a wool coat should.

    Prices have fallen for bras coming from Fantasie which used to be about £36 and are now £32 its not a great drop but adds up if your getting your year supply! They also do thier own brand bra which costs £25, thats only £9 more than the average bra from Topshop or LaSenza. As for the e-bay side of it its always going to be cheaper to get stock of any sort from someone who doesn’t have much over heads to try and recover through the pricing. What you save in money by just ordering a bra you lose in the service you would have got in a store (eg: if it doesnt fit you can find out there and then why it doesnt) Also I have known people to order from sites such as e-bay and find their bras arrive with Bravissimo tags still on it, which is fine, but they were still hung on the hanger *stolen!* so beware!

  6. Carol says

    Hey Row,

    I know what you mean about the swimwear it’s a nightmare!!! I end up having to buy a 34H rather than a 32HH as its easier to find!

    Went away for Easter and bought myself the Freya Supernova Black bikini – felt very sexy by the pool in the black and gold! hehe :)

    Have you manage to find any nice lingerie or swimwear?


  7. carolina says

    hey row!
    you didnt seem to have much luck with them :// but you have to understand that they’re pretty good. I’m from portugal and the best bra they could fit me in was a 36CC. I happen to be a 28GG!!! so you can see what a difference bravissimo makes to my life!! i tried other shops, even selling panache and freya bras, they always fitted me wrongly.
    maybe clothes isnt their best, but girls, our boobs deserve a little bit of money spent on them, otherwise they start getting saggy, and even worst, we’ll have back problems very very soon!!!