The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection Tinted Gel, Brilliance Powder and Dry Oil Review

I mentioned The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Collection a few weeks ago, and now I have a few of the products from the range for review!

I always though honey and bronze were made to go with each other!

I have the tinted body gel, the dry oil and a shimmering powder:


Once it gets near to summer, inevitably all the bronzers come out. How quickly do you get through your bronzers? I buy a new one every year and I never finish it!

First up is the 100ml bottle of dry oil. Right away comparisons can be drawn to Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or and other similar dry oils. Nuxe smells AMAZING. The Body Shop’s is nice, but not as nice as the Nuxe to me.I noticed this thing with the Illamasqua Illume oil too – it sort of separates a little when you apply it to the skin:


It’s no biggie – but I do notice it. The Nuxe doesn’t do this for some reason.

The finish of the dry oil is a fine gold shimmer with the tinest, tinest bronze tint. TINY. Get this for the shimmer not for the bronze. I really like this to hydrate my skin although for the price it’s more of a special summer day oil not a every day thing.

Next up is the face tint – a gel. I am REALLY not into these kinds of products:


Although this looks like a honey glaze for a turkey, it is surprisingly lovely on the skin. It blends in nicely, isn’t orange, disappears to a non greasy finish.



Brilliance Powder – it’s one of those where you can give it a shake and the colour comes out. It’s a bronze-gold but once again it leaves a SLIGHT tint but more than anything it’s good for the glittery finish.


The brush is fine, not brilliant. I guess it’s super duper hand though – I wouldn’t carry a brush around with me and a bronzer so it’s useful.

You can see the slight glitter here:



I usually only go as far as a bronzing powder, but I am glad I had had a chance to try these products. They are very natural, none orange, smell good and aren’t too bad for the skin either. They’re also easy to wash off options for fake-tan-a-phobes like me.

The Dry Oil is £16, the Bronzing Gel is £11 and the Brilliance Powder is £16.

Check out the whole Honey Bronze Make Up Range here.

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  1. Pip says

    I didn’t like the glitter of the brush thingies when I tried it in store, but I bought the dry oil after hanging my nose over the Nuxe stuff for years. I love the smell of the TBS stuff, it’s like their Monoi oil, really lovely. I got the fair matte bronzer too and really like it.

  2. says

    To me, these look like very fine shimmer…just in gel/ oil and powder forms. A nice idea for a product range, but they all look very underwhelming!

  3. says

    These look pretty nice!!!! As you, I usually buy brozing products and never finish them… except for, Clarins selt-tanner mousse, which I think I will buy my 2nd bottle. Have a nice day!!!

  4. Shaniul says

    Thanks for nice tips,Sometime we don,t get this kind of information when we need.