The best mini hair straighteners? The Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review

I have an obsession with all things mini (apart from food portions) and all things portable! Is it any surprise that I wanted…needed some really really good mini hair straighteners?  I refuse to carry big hair tools around with me when I travel and always have a twinge of regret when I look like a scarecrow on holiday.

The thing is I have accumulated many over the years (I have this weird obsession with electrical hair tools even though I am very lazy with styling my hair).  I tried some mini ones from Babyliss, I tried some rechargable straighteners, I tried those horrendous ones that take a gas cartridges, I tried cheap ones ordered from eBay.

They were all generally ok but not amazing. No real substitute for full sizers.

Cloud Nine I keep getting told, make amazing hair tools:

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Mini Hair Straighteners

They say:

Measuring only 6inch in length, it’s perfect for any suitcase, making it the ideal travel size companion. Lightweight, with cushioned plates, this micro straightener not only allows you to focus on shorter areas of hair like the fringe, it’s also ideal for shorter styles overall.

Ok – my hair is LONG and thick and unruly. Uh-huh.

The Cloud Nine Micro Iron is presented beautifully.

It comes in a luxury box and also a travel case is included which is very smart.  This isn’t the cheapest micro iron out there, so rightly, they have packaged it appropriately. It also comes with a guard and a pouch if you prefer to carry it light and not in the case:

Cloud Nine Micro Iron review

The iron has other features such as a hibernation chip, and it has universal voltage so you can use it all over the world without worrying about it melting down.  The storage case:

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review

This is only 6 inches! It’s TINY! TINY! It’s handy sized definitely although the cord is still a decent length and our dear 3 pin English plugs are always fairly big compared to our cousins abroad (Mr C usually starts going on about how the UK has the best electrical system once I mention the 3 pin plug so…I’ll stop talking about it).

The thing is – to be truly compact a hair straightener should be cordless. But I’ve tried an excellent cordless mini iron and it’s JUST NOT THE SAME as one that plugs into the wall.

This micro straightener goes up to 170 degrees and is under 200 grams in weight. I ALWAYS set mine to 200 degrees but this is a force of habit – 170 degrees I found gave me smooth hair, not horrible poker-straight-atomic-kitten-in-the-Kerry-Katona days hair. In other words, it was hot enough.

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review 1

I am stating the obvious here but at the end of the day this straightener it a tiny little thing – just 6 inches.  So on hair like mine – long, thick, permed, unruly, it takes a while (longer than with normal straighteners) to do my whole head.  The smaller the amount of hair you pick up each time the better the result. Also sometimes I just focus on the top layers – that which cannot be seen cannot be laughed at.

If you have short, fine, tame hair then you are laughing! You’ll use this easily.

The plates are lovely and smooth, nothing like GHDs which drag:

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Review 2

Now that I have these I want to try their Wide Iron (imagine getting all of my hair straightened in 10 minutes or so!) and their wand which is a curler. If I had the time I would straighten my hair to get the frizz out then give the ends a quick curl…there I am hair-dreaming.


The best mini straightener out there for sure – just don’t expect it to be as quick as your normal straighteners.  They are great for holiday though as they are small and importantly, light.

Buy it here for £54.50.

*Pr Sample

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  1. Laura says

    I love cloud nine mini straighteners! I have one at my salon for bangs and other small areas that need concentrated styling. It works wonderfully and makes a fantastic duo with my full sized Karmin G3 salon pro styling iron which does the rest of heavy duty straightening as it’s faster. :)