The Best Foundations, Candy Style: No. 4 Albion Exage Moisture Chiffon Powder Foundation

This week I am reviewing my 5 current favourite foundations!

Powder foundations are very popular in Asia because they suit the kind of climate over there – when it’s hot and humid, a powder base will stay put for longer, and it’s easier to top up.

For me, I love the idea of a powder foundation – god knows I have bought a fair few over the years but to be honest, on my dry cheeks it does not look flattering, and in England…we can only dream about tropical climates.

The one day, when the exchange rate wasn’t so poo, I bought this base because of the pretty Limited Edition case from Albion. Albion is a high end Japanese range.


What I liked was how the powder foundation had a great range of shades (a lot of base products from Asia are too light and chalky for me). This is 060 which I knew would work for my skintone.

On top of that, Albion had different textures to choose from – I choose the Moisture Chiffon because I wanted hydrating even in a powder base.


Well, to this day this is still the best powder foundation I have ever used. It never ever looks cakey, it never ever clings to dry skin and makes my skin looks hydrated and glowy no matter what.

It really is like the creamiest compact powder ever, but with extra coverage so you don’t need anything underneath. I can even use it under my eyes and it’s ok!

In terms of the packaging, Albion release limited edition cases sometimes (another cute, quirky thing Japanese brands do) which makes a nice change from time to time. You can buy the case separately too so you can use an old base in a new case!


Colour Range:

About 6 shades from almost white to medium warm – quite decent as far as Japanese Powder Foundations are concerned.

For Skin Types:

Great for dry skins, would work on all skin types though.


Very creamy powder. Light feel on the skin.


Medium – I think it could be sheer if you use a wet sponge but this powder foundation does a great job at covering flaws.


Lasts well, needs a bit of top up around the nose towards the end of the day.


It’s a powder base but the skin looks healthy despite this dulling the shine on your face.

Main Strength:

Leaving the skin hydrated despite being a powder and never looking cakey.

Main Con:


Score: 5/5

Price: I can’t remember but I know it wasn’t cheap – in total paid about £40 for it.

Where to buy: This is a Japanese range so – make friends with someone Japanese, go to Japan or shop on but expect a considerable mark up.

*Note: This exact one I own is discontinued. The replacement is called Exage Primal Chiffon Foundation

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  1. Emilyjane says

    I just had a look at Ichibankao thinking nah… I won’t be interested.. but oh my!!!! If it weren’t for the prices (and I’m not a stranger to high-end) I’d be on there right now placing a massive order.

    Milky tea beige lipgloss??!!! amazing.