The Beauty Fluke: How dedicated to beauty are you?

I have made many beauty promises that I haven’t been sticking to.


I just don’t have much time at night to do pampers – I have a lot of work to do and usually crash out at bedtime, exhausted.

So I thought I’d make some kind of pledge on here to start as of Saturday (this week) to make full use of some things I am trying out to see if I will see some real results!


1. Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer

Had this for a while, started using it but I just zonk out so forget. Am pledging to remember to dab this on no matter how tired I am every night!

2. Slendertone Face Toner

Have sat on this for a while too and not opened the box. Am dying to see the results but when I start I want to keep going – in 8 weeks there should be positive results.

3. Neckline Slimmer

Bought this from eBay for just £5! I want to slim down my neckline! But believe me when there’s posts to do you forget to do your chin press ups:

4. Reebok Easytone Trainers

These are due any day – I am NOT a trainer wearer but I pledge to wear these for all out of work activities like shopping.

5. Zumba Fitness

This is also in the post for me – Zumba Fitness Kit! Let’s face it – I’ve bought all the faddy diets and shakes, yes they can work in the short term but I have no intention of giving up my Bacon Butties forever so its going to have to be the hard way – exercise!

Is anyone else as bad as me at this kind of thing? Find it hard to stick to something through just a sheer lack of time?

In other news…
Make Up Ban is in effect and I haven’t bought any make up for….a whole 24 hours. I know, amazing.

I am thinking of enrolling on some courses with the money saved, such as a dressmaking course, and also a Eyelash perm course (yes really, although tragically, I’ll never be able to do it to myself).

I did however, by this:


From Love Hearts & Crosses (£16) and this:


A twin draught excluder.

Its going to be a long month….

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  1. says

    I’m exactly the same as you, I tell myself all the time that I’m going to be really strict with my regime, then end up home late and tired and go back to the usual, it doesn’t take much longer but thought of it seems too much! xx

    • Row says

      Hi SBB

      I agree cos I go to sleep usually when I’m exhausted even the thought of toning and cleasing is too much. Infact I have very little routine I’m not careful enough with my skin!

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    I tend to be excited for everything new, so I apply myself a lot on new routines but I get lazy very quickly.

    • Row says

      Hi Tigers

      I am like that too I’ve realised no skincare routine with more than 4 products is going to work for me!