The Balm Cindy-Loud Manizer Highlighter Review

I never thought of myself as someone who has time to use a highlighter in my make up routine, and day to day, I don’t, but for special occasions – why not?!  I do have a problem with finding the right tone highlighter – I have a light bronze (Dior), and golden peach (3CE) and now, a Cindy-Lou Manizer – yes, that’s what it’s called! 

This product is from the ever creative, The Balm:

The Balm Cindy Loud Manizier Highlighter Review

Cindy-Lou Manizer is a powder highlighter (or an all over finish powder) that has a honey-peach-golden tone to it.  I do find many highlighters are too white toned, which looks odd on my skin.  The peachy edge to this highlighter makes it extremely wearable. 

Here is the front of the compact; has the same design as the box, so you get to keep that quirkiness!

The Balm Cindy Loud Manizier Highlighter Review 1

This powder can be used on any area you want to highlight – for me that is the top of the cheekbones mainly and a little around the edge of my eyes.  I applied with with a blusher brush but you can use it with any fluffy brush. 

The powder:

The Balm Cindy Loud Manizier Highlighter Review 2

This powder as I said, has a warm peachy edge to it which makes it very soft and wearable compared to something with an oyster edge, but the pearly edge is flattering too compared to big chunky glitter you find in some highlighters. 

Swatch:The Balm Cindy Loud Manizier Highlighter Review 3

Although I applied this a little close to my nose where I can be pore-y, it did a good job and it didn’t emphasise them too much. It’s got a silky soft lovely soft texture, not dry or bitty at all, and certainly not chalky. 

The Balm Cindy Loud Manizier Highlighter Review 4

I think this is one of my favourite highlighting powders!  

You can buy it from Cloud10 beauty here for around £16. 
*PR Sample
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