The Balm Cabana Boy Shadow and Blusher Review

Although I haven’t tried The Balm that much (or should we say enough) I am very found indeed of the face powders I have tried.

Cabana Boy has been around for a while now, and it was sent to me when I specifically asked for something rosy and pink.

But wait – what is a Cabana Boy? Does he do the Copa?

Apparently, a Cabana boy is:

“a sexy guy with a tan that he gets from working out on the beach and serving the tourists daquiris and rum and cokes.”

The Balm Cabana Boy Blusher .jpg

I love this kind of retro cover! It reminds me of old Mills & Boon books (do people still read them?).

The blush/eyeshadow is a super rosy (I’d say quite a true, deep rose) with micro sparkles. Its extremely, extremely pigmented so you must use this with a light hand!

My current obsession is the Armani Blusher Brush – its so good for a light application.

The Balm Cabana Boy blusher -1.jpg

You know this is true:

The Balm Cabana Boy blusher Benefit.jpg

If only so many of my friends weren’t single and always moaning about trying to get a date……I suppose if we were to compare the Balm to Benefit (it has that similar kind of retro look and both come in sturdy cardboard – I hate cardboard packaging but the Balms is very well made – it would disintegrate upon a dip in the water) it would be linked with Dallas but I find Dallas more bronzy and slightly less pigmented.

Is this colour universal?

I’m not sure. I think its a mighty useful colour – its rosy after all – but its just important to use that light touch cos its pigment mania.

The Balm Cabana Boy Peach Pink.jpg

They say:

This pink dusty rose rouge will ensure that you have all the boys attending to you. The subtle shimmer catches the eye while the warm undertones provide a glow that is oh-so-natural regardless if you are pool-side, beach-side or bed-side.

Oh la la! Here it is on my cheek, light light light sweep:

The Balm Blusher Cabana Boy.jpg

the Balm has some other lovely powders, I want to try out their bronzer sometime too.

Well recommended if you want a pigmented, softly shimmer rosy blush.

Its on sale here at Harvey Nichols online for £16 (it says that its exclusive to HN).


The Balm Blusher Cabana Boy .jpg

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  1. says

    hey there i must say i lovelovelove your blog! its uber cute and informative.
    the packaging of the balm products are very cute, no? a lil like benefit?

  2. says

    Oh, I like the colour although it looks really pigmented…I love the rosy ones!

    I like their motto ‘so may men, so little time’ which only seems to be valid when you already hooked up….ha ha, just like shopping that always the cutest things to buy are available when you have no money.

  3. shannon says

    um… there are ingredients in blush that makes it unsafe to use around the eye area… so if i were you, i wouldn’t use this as an eyeshadow.