The Apprentice: Week 4

The show continues to turn into a pantomime, naturally, and this week I found it hard to concentrate of the show because there was something more interesting to watch (ie. an Ebay item).

As expected, the boys team made a mess of the challenge of doing a pub night (they chose Italian food, nice and commercial), and the girls chose Indian/Bollywood night.

Matt Lucas and Claire are the two people getting on my nerves a LOT. Matt Lucas says that because he EATS in Italian restaurants, he know how to cook Italian food. Where was that, Pizza Hut?

Claire threw a strop because she wanted to do some British themed pub might, whereas team leader wanted to do the Bollywood night. Team leader wins the unanimous group vote, and Claire has to leave the room because she didn’t get her own way. Curry is ‘niche’ where she is from. Wasn’t Chicken Tikka Masala voted Britians national dish? From that point on, she loves to ham up to the camera, the only way a bright orange ball can, “I hate to say I told you so….”. Your team WON, stupid.

That’s all I remember because I had to concentrate on getting my Ebay bid in. So far I don’t like any of the candidates. Hmph. Bring back Tre from Season Three!

Afterthought –

You KNOW that a few of them will have a ‘kiss and tell’ in The News of The World shortly. Please, as long as photos aren’t included.

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  1. Chica says

    Argh I hate both of them, stupid STUPID people, how the hell did they get a place?
    ‘Coffee IS a dessert actually, because sometimes i have a coffee after my meal.’
    Seriously, Matt Lucas should have gone out – as crap as -10 hours in front of the mirror with a pot of gel- Ian was.
    Can you tell that despite hating all the contestants i’m addicted? ;o)

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    Yes yes yes your totally right. I hate them yet how can I not watch the car crash! Felt bad for the boys team leader, he was stitched up like a kipper.