The Apprentice: Week 2

I swear I will get back onto the Make Up stuff soon, but I’ve been so busy lately that TV has been snatching me free few minutes and not playing with make up.

The Apprentice is completely compelling viewing, if not slightly like a pantomime this year.

And the Panto has its villan!

Jenny the Ginger. Jenny has a BA (Hons) Marketing (A degree in Marketing, hmm) from De Montford University (the kind of University that advertises). I left her out last week since she was pretty passive but this week as team leader, she completely bullied and treated her team members like crap!

The girls team in general are just an embarassment to the female race.

Men, wheather they like each other personally or not, keep their eye on the prize. Women cannot resist making things personal or forming gangs. Not ALL women but in this kind of scenario, its highly disappointing to see that the ladies hadn’t even got out of playground mode.

Jenny was so focused on reiterating the point that she was the LEADER therefore everyone else had to LISTEN that she forgot to focus on the task at hand. She didn’t leave though – yes, we get it, you have to keep the bitches in for ratings. But she really did deserve to go.

That’s all I can say from this week. I have no favourites as yet – they are all awful.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    She kinda reminds me of this girl I went to Uni with, also a redhead, named Lindsay (no, really, that was her name). She was much prettier than Jenny, exceedingly so, but was an overachieving control freak to boot. She didn’t seem to want to make friends and was always seemed very tightly wound (and ready to snap at a moment’s notice).

    My point is that Jenny has the same hair and same dead look in her eyes. Here’s hoping that homegirl implodes!