Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device: Part 1

The Lustre Pure Light Acne Treatment Device is a hi-tech piece of equipment for use at home, that is for treating acne.  The device uses Blue Light Technology, which kills bacteria found within the skin, known as P Acnes – which causes (you guessed it!), acne!

The device has to be used for around ideally over hour a day (total of 8 hours per week) over a 12 week period to significantly reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne, thus improving the appearance of the skin.  The device itself is handy sized and easy to cart around, and is rechargeable.  The device can be used whilst you get on with your day to day things, such as watching TV, reading a book etc.  

The device is for people who may have tried all kinds of treatments before, oral and topical but haven’t had the results they’ve wanted.  Ok.  I’ll be quiet now. Let’s look at the device!

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1

The device comes in a sealed box like this, and inside is everything you need!

Some of the blurb:

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1 1

Inside is the main unit and three pads which are what are stuck on to your face.  Where you use it is up to you, but you mustn’t get the bright light into your eyes – DO NOT STICK THIS OVER YOUR EYES OR WHERE IT COULD SHINE IN TO YOUR EYES. 

Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1

The packaging is quite minimalist – there isn’t a load of stuff in here which I like, it makes the process a bit simpler.  The unit has just 3 buttons:

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1 2

Underneath is the booklet (lots of detail in there on pretty much any question) and a pack of pads – you apply these to the pads before you use them. It helps them stick and is also hygienic! You get enough pads for the 12 week course and you can buy refills from their store:

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device

The clip is to hold the cable on to your clothes.  As you can see it’s quite simple.

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1 3

Here is what is on the underneath – high tech! Lots of little chips:

Testing the Lustre Pure Light Device Part 1 4

The best thing for me to do is start using this unit and show you some before and afters.  I will update you 6 weeks from now with my progress and also in 12 weeks.  

At the moment I can’t say I have extreme acne – I do have areas of blemishes that never seem to clear up (such as the chin) and where I am very prone to getting blemishes.  The area around my jawline still has some acne from when I was pregnant with Baby H (my jawline had RIDICULOUS painful acne during that period).  If this gives me clearer skin and prevents future breakouts then I am definitely happy!

I will update you in 6 weeks from now and of course some sexy pictures of me using this device! 

I also found a video of Dr Chris Steele talking about this device on This Morning. 

The device retails at £249 from here. 


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