Testing the Clarisonic Plus: Skin Diary Week 2-3

Ok so I have been using the Clarisonic every day for around 2 weeks now. It’s not too annoying to incorporate into my routine, since it’s like a 1 – 2 minutes anyway.

I have been using it with Rosette Cleansing Paste which is ok, will review it shortly.

Here was Week 1.

Sorry I have some eyeliner residue on but I have no other make up on at all on my skin. I suffer from dark circles, redness around the cheeks and spots too:


My thoughts are:

– My pores are MUCH MUCH MUCH better because the Clarisonic is cleansing them so well. I spend the most time on my nose and surrounding areas where the pores are the most visible.

– My skin seems to absorb products better

On the downside so far:

– I have to be extra gentle on my cheeks where I suffer from redness. I do 5 secs on each side, any more and my skin feels a bit tight there.

– Although my pores are better this has not rid me of blackheads just yet, or blocked pores on the chin area. It’s only been a short space of time though.

So far I’m enjoying using it, it’s addictive and my skin feels greasy without it. I don’t have the skin of a peach just yet though, so not yet 100% recommending it. Tune back in for week 4/5!

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    • Row says

      Hi Lisa

      Keep coming back 😀 I hope to review for a good 3 months or so, might as well give it a good run

  1. Jen says

    Nice to read about your progress with the Clarisonic, Row :) I know I started getting dry patches on my cheeks, and I figured out it was ‘cos I had it switched to the higher speed setting! Once I’d changed it to the slower setting, the dryness seems to have gone. And I know what you mean when you say your skin feels greasy when you don’t use it…I think now my skin’s used to it everyday, it just doesn’t feel CLEAN when I get lazy for a day lol

    • Row says

      Hi jen

      Now I’m breaking out on my forehead…but i was lazy and didn’t use it yesterday. OMG! Could it be that?!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for sharing your Clarisonic thoughts so far. We’re glad that you have started to see some of the results with regular sonic cleansing. We hope you continue to see results that build over time. If you ever have questions you can find us on Twitter or facebook.com/Clarisonic. We look forward to hearing more again in a few weeks. Cheers! :)

  3. Jen says

    lol…I’ve only missed the odd day here and there when I’ve been too tired (lazy!)…didn’t notice any breakouts afterwards, but skin definitely felt “greasier” than when I did use it!

  4. Jen says

    I take it back…I missed 2 days of Clarisonic cleaning (sheer laziness) and a spot has broken out on my forehead and I have a dry patch on cheek :s Coincidence?!