Tester Needed: Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation

As I mentioned earlier, I have a ton of products which I would like to forward to readers to do reviews for me. I will get these items up as we go along so keep your eye out.

If you filled in the readers request a while ago I will be able to go back to that to refer to.

Stuff to remember:

– Read about the product that I would like reviewed and make sure it fits your profile. If I have a hair dye for blondes, don’t apply if you have jet black hair!

– You don’t get paid for your review but you can of course, keep the product. If you have a blog I will link back to you as long as you don’t write a blog about how to cook kittens etc.

– You must forward your review to me once you are done with the product. Depending on what it is, I will set a time scale (ie. skincare will need a longer testing product, make up may need just 2 weeks).

– Not to sound like a school teacher, but please get your review back to me within this time frame we agree. Of course if you don’t submit anything then you won’t be chosen to do a review again and I’ll moan about it on Twitter.

– I will set out a questionnaire type thing to guide you with your review

– I will edit reviews, not to change OPINIONS expressed by you, only to clean up the text and make it fit better on the blog and omit whatever I think is unnecessary (ie. I am reviewing this as I watch Crimewatch in my pink stripy thong…) I will also remove anything I think is offensive or libelous.

– If you get an allergic reaction etc. obviously just stop using the product. I will not be responsible for accidents or so on caused by the product in question.

– Ideally I’d love a pic of your pretty face to go with the review. A before and after picture is also excellent.

Ok! So I need a tester for this Urban Decay Surreal Skin Foundation in HAZE which is for FAIR SKINS with a PINK TONE:

Urban Decay Cosmetics - Surreal Skin Cream To Powder Foundation.jpg
Urban Decay Cosmetics - Surreal Skin Cream To Powder Foundation-1.jpg

If you would like to test it, leave your name, skin tone, skin type and any other nice comments below and I will do a random draw or the suitable candidates in a few days.

There will be more things coming up so keep an eye out!

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  1. My name is Lisa, and I love trying new makeup.

    I have normal skin, sometimes oily and prone to acne.

    My skin tone is very pale, but with red undertones

    UD makeup is one of my favorite brands – feels great on my skin and doesn’t cause breakouts

  2. Diane Michelle laubach says:

    Hi, I love tryin new makeup and new looks, my skin tone is fair, with a lil red tint on cheeks, normal in all the zones, UD makeup is one of my favorites, makes my skin feel so soft. I love that you like before and after pictures, just once Id like to be one of those that look better in the after pics :) Thank you Diane

  3. Karley A says:

    Hi I’m karley! I love trying makeup and have a big collection wear I try new things and collect everything I can! I do lots of my friends and families makeup, so I would love to do this!
    My skin tone is light/fair skin an I have dry to normal skin.

  4. Jessica says:

    Hello there I’m Jessica, I havent done makeup testing before but you have to start somewhere.
    I have very fair skin (I got called snow white at school haha) I have very clear and have I’d say normal skin.
    At the moment I wear no7 alabaster foundation but have tryed abit of everything.

  5. Samantha Wordelman says:

    I have fair skin and have tried many foundations but never one that I like just perfect. I would live to help you out and test this product for you:) thanks

  6. I have oily skin. i have worked in the past as a beauty advisor. i would really enjoy testing your products. it seems like every type of makeup i get, its like all my friends want to know what im wearing. i would love to be able to model yours as well. just to see how great this product turns out for everyone. thank you so much. and i do hope i hear from you soon. tiffany

  7. Hello , my name is Giselle. I love trying new makeup and hair products. i would love to test some product out. my skin is medium and normal skin type. thanks(:

  8. hi im andrea and i have honey colores skin and i love trying new products and i would love to test this product because it looks one of a kind.thanks..

  9. Hi, my name is Kayla. I am wanting to start my own youtube channel, doing makeup, hair and nails, reviews. Cosmetic stuff. I would love to test this product, I love urban decay makeup. I have very fair skin, it is a little oily and dry around my T zone. If you choose me you deffently won’t regret it. Thanks for your time. :)

  10. Nicol Lee says:

    I have medium skin tone but it is oily and i have tried lot’s of all day wear foundation’s, primers x powders so would be greatfull for any samples for my problem and hopefully find the correct foundation for me.

  11. jennifer jackson says:

    hi im jenn studying to be a make up artist for theatrical make up.
    but i have trouble doing my own make up due to damage to my skin
    i would love to test anything out would need me to to get to learn what products can do wat.

  12. Hello my name is Marita Baker and my skin tone is light Brown- mocha .. I would love to test your new product out

  13. Hi :) My names macayla martin, my skin color is light. I have no acne and barely anything makes me break-out. My skin isn’t oily or dry. i would love to test out your new products i love urban decay :) i would LOVE to help out in anyway possible :) thank you

  14. heather w. says:

    i am trying to become a makeup artist and also test products that i might like/refer people to. i have fair to medium skin tones with some redness, tends to be more on the oily side, skin is fairly sensitive but i don’t have acne. THANKS for the opportunity to participate!

  15. my skin tone is a shade or 2 darker than fair.. i wear buff in revlon colorstay if that helps. i have good skin small pores.. not too dry and not oily.. email me if ur still interested in makeup testers. i would love to test them out and share my feedback

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