Technical Difficulties?

Occasionally, a reader will email me with a little problem with the site – its difficult to find out what the issue is sometimes (could be our host, could be your computer, could be your internet provider etc.) but we will always do our best to get you back on the blog!

Sometimes if you are having difficulties viewing the site, 3 quick things can help –

1. Try a different browser. If you are using Firefox, trying to view the site on Internet Explorer.

2. Try on a different computer – a friend’s, at work etc. Also if your PC is one that is always on, try rebooting it.

3. Is it just Cosmetic Candy is down, or are other sites also not working? If other sites are not working it could be your internet connection.

cat computer.jpg

Anyway, if you are noticing any issues, permanent or intermittent, if the site is slow to load, if it times out, if you can’t see images, etc. please feel free to let us know in the comments, and what it is you are having problems with. As far as I can see, the site is always up, all links are working, the page it loading normally etc. so if you don’t tell me I won’t know.

Of course if I don’t get any comments I shall treat myself to a packet of Bacon Frazzler crisps. Or two.

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  1. says

    as LONG as those are YOUR bacon frazzlers you are stuffing your gob with….I’m already down one chocolate orange thanks to Mr C and god knows how many bags of crisps the cats have put away….!