Teal Me!: Nars Summer 2009 Collection

With so many other brands and products distracting me, I haven’t had time to think about Nars.  But observe!  The most a-ma-zing eyes for summer:


Mmmm it’s working for me.  The range:

tropic Tropic is surely the star of the collection?  Similar to the night series, it is described as:

Lush, silver-flecked teal – a precise image of the ocean’s waves.

Yum! The only thing that could ruin this shadow is if the texture is crumbly and chalky.


scorching_sun Then, another hot duo if you ask me. 

Reminds me of Mediteranee but probably more yellowy based.

Glazed apricot and radiant orange, to imitate the burning sun.

There are 2 new lipsticks:

outsider falaba

Not sure about the lipsticks.  For summer? I’m all for gloss, but I do like Corals.

Outsider: Shimmering burnished coral – a modern take on a classic.

Falaba: High-shine bronzy rose, with a sweet, carefree quality about it.



The lipgloss doesn’t look very interesting but when you read the description –

Belize Lip Gloss: Pink mauve sprinkled with specks of gold – gives nude lips a sultry boost.

Mmm mauve with gold!

Tonga Lip Liner: A creamy, long-wearing lip pencil in a shade of pink amber.

adelita Adelita Nail Polish: Shimmering pearlescent pink – simultaneously sweet and saucy.

A saucy nail polish!  If it ISN’T saucy, I will be very disappointed.

Not sure how I feel about Nars Nail Polish.  I have a few and they seem to separate quite quickly and the top and base coat are no good.  Still, Schiap nail polish is one of my favourites, ever.

The teal shadow is a definate for me, probably the duo and the lipgloss.  What about you?  Are you feeling saucy?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Love love love tropic! I love a bright blue for summer, used to rock Miss Fiji by Pout all the time, but then it was stolen along with the rest of my makeup bag. So will definately be getting this as it’s so beautiful. I asked the makeup artist at Space NK yesterday when tropic and the rest of collection would be out but he had no idea??? x

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      Woah – how did your make up bag get stolen? I had a make up bag (FENDI!!!!) stolen once too but it was taken along with my car so obviously that took precedence!

      I will find out for you when the new Nars stuff is out, I’m quite sure its the 3rd week of April x

  2. Elizabeth says

    2 years ago at 6th form, was in the toilets getting ready for a concert (was in my schools orchestra) and a girl from the shitty salsa group asked to borrow a concealer, then some blusher then some eyeliner etc etc. I left said makeup bag with her as I had a wee and then when returned the cakey skinned idiot wasn’t there and had copped off with my makeup bag! Later at school she said she had left it there – oh no she didn’t she had thieved alright, I could tell by her concealed blemishes and her rosy glow. Still bitter!

    I had a look at the swatch of Tropic over at temptalia and everyone seems very disappointed by it! Will have to see in person still though. x

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      No!!!!!! That’s a bad way to lose a make up bag. Something happened to me like that at Uni – tut and I got my stationary stolen a lot at school and it was so damn obvious who took it.

      Went to see the swatch! dearie me – must see it in person. I think Nars’ chunkier eyeshadows and the night series ones tend to be misunderstood – they aren’t low maintence shadows, you really need to use a sticky base with them and pat them on for the full effect. Let’s see when it’s released!x