Tattoos – Tramp Stamps or Beautiful Body Art?

When Peaches Geldof was recently snapped during a drunken (and god knows what else) one night stand, she was quite clearly identified by the tattoos on her body.

Peaches has quite a few tattoos and of course the rather distinctive long flower up her torso.

peaches tattoo .jpg

Peaches is of course still a young girl – I wonder if she will grow to regret any of her adornments?

So I was thinking ladies – what do most of you think of tattoos?

Personally, a few years ago I would have told you I didn’t like tattoos and that most looked tacky.

Although, to be fair most people I knew did have tweety pie etched on their breasts and Chinese characters that meant nothing on their bellies.

As I’ve got older, I am thinking that I will want to experience the actual process of getting a tattoo before I die and certainly, if something comes up in the future that I feel strongly about, it could be a reason for getting one done.

angelina jolie.jpg

Angelina Jolie – I love the tattoos on her arm with the longitude and latitude of where her children were born. I just think it has a lot of meaning.

For me, personally, I wouldn’t get a tattoo just for fashion reasons because its not worth the ear ache from my mother.

So now, I want to know –

Are you someone who would never ever have a tattoo done?

Or would you consider it if the design and time was right?

Or do you think your body is there for you to decorate as you please?

What tattoos do you have?

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. says

    Bad enough you need to raise those little brats, you need to have a tattoo of them as well? Gee!
    I love body art, and makeup on all the body. I am fascinated by tribal paints, and those masks men have in Java island. I have worn temporary tattoos many times, i love them but I dont like henna as it does not stay truly black. As for design, I’d love to have a gecko. In fact I’d love to buy some stencils made to measure to fill them in myself. How cool would that be, woooooo.

  2. says

    Personally I have 5 tattoos and plan on getting quite a few more. I think they are absolutely gorgeous. I draw the line at awful tribal around a bicep or a butterfly on the small of your back, but most people who respect tattoos as a legitimate form of art, wouldn’t dream of getting anything so tacky. I look at body art as a way to stand out as an individual and have something that is yours and yours alone.

    I have a nautical star on my back surrounded by free-handed filigree (done at different times), a Plumeria flower I got in Hawaii on my ankle, a heart sewn up the middle with an EKG around my wrist and a pretty big Celtic knot on my calf.

    If I had unlimited income, I would be covered in ink.

  3. says

    I don’t know if I’d ever get a tattoo done.
    I’m kinda squeamish about unnecessary pain. Exercise is alright, but tattoos seem excessive for me personally. My ears aren’t even pierced.

    I would consider it if there was something that really appealed to me.

    I think tattoos are up to each individual, but I’m not a big fan of really huge ones. Still, they can be beautiful, I’m just a fan of less is more.

  4. kimi says

    tweety pie on your breast no but otherwise I think tattoos are beautiful and sexy on women, I have 4, and seriously thinking of having another piece of art on me. No matter what people say there will always be a taboo associated with them but it’s getting better…like you I was worried about ear ache from the mother (must be an asian thing) but what I got was so tasteful and arty the following mothersday I was paying for her very own!

  5. says

    i have 3 tattoos and love each one. All black tribalish type designs. They were all designed by me and mean something to me (much like Angelina) id never get an design from a book as i dont know how many other people have that design!

    I’d have more too…they’re addictive!

    I’d suggest if you did get one, to really think long and hard about what you would want, wether the design is a fleeting fancy or something you could love and live with for a long time. Something symbolic perhaps… try having the design if simple enough done in henna so you get to see if you like it enough.

  6. says

    Personally I like tattoos but I feel that only a few people can get away with them. I feel they look better on mens bodies than on womens. I hate common tattoos.. its like what is the point!? They have to mean something not be done for a fashion trend.. in some ways thats why i like quite big ugly tattoos lol
    If i was a man id be covered!

    I have a small tattoo that I got when I was 14.. which i will cover at some point with an anchor tattoo. Im from a seaside/port town and when i was 7.. the first tattoo i ever saw was an anchor. I was on the beach there and it was on a local woman.. since then its always been something I wanted to get to link back to my roots and youth.

  7. Cris says

    I think tattos are beautiful. And like everything else in the world, they have to be done in a classy manner and with restraint. I never understood why people would be covered in tattoos, all without meaning.

    I have one, on the back of neck. It’s a pair of angel wings, with my mother’s intials in the center (where the wings meet). She passed away a few years ago, and I wanted something permanent to remind me hers (memory is fleeting thing.)

    Im doing some research right now for my second tat. I want it done in brown, Im Hispanic, and I sort of want it to look like a faded henna tattoo. Im getting “follow the way of love”, a bible quote, in Greek on my torso. Right now, Im still trying to decide how on my torso I want it, and the right translation for the verse.

    I would love to be able to have visible tattoos, but Im in law school right now, and my field of study sort of frowns on visible tats. A shame really.

  8. Tony says

    Ink is soooooo fashionable right now you have to admit.

    Trouble is you can bet within 2-3 years ink will be so unfashionable.

    The question all you girls should be asking when thinking about whether to have ink or not is this –

    When I’m 40+ will I looked washed up when I show my ink?

    if you think not then you’re a moron :)