Taking Good Photographs: A Guide


I lied. This is not the guide, this is where I ask you what you want to know about taking better photographs.

I had a few questions about how to take better photos for blogs (or just generally) so what the hey – you ask me and I will answer in a highly useful and somewhat amusing ‘Beauty Photo Tips’ series.

You may not be able to tell by the lame-o photos on my blog, but I am a trained photographer *tips hat*.

In the past I have been too lazy to drag out my large cameras and lights for casual blog photos but Cosmetic Candy is 1 years old and ladies, it is going up a notch (ie. the front room will be cluttered with lights and tripods for the forseeable future. Sorry, Mr Candy).

So do you have a Photo Question? It can be general “What’s a Camera?” or specific “Where did I put my Camera?”, it can be something simple “How do I avoid blur?” or something complicated, ‘What is the theory of light?’.  Ask away.  I stored it all in my wee brain for you.

Leave your questions in the comments, or you can email me or send it by slug – although I warn you, my Nan sprinkles slugs with salt at first sight.

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  1. Grace London says

    My product picture are usually not too horrible (I use the macro setting) but I can’t get non-blurry face shots. How do you do that?