Take Note, Cheryl: Stay Don’t Stray with Benefit Eyeshadow Primer

Primers are my one of favourite things to try so I was very happy to try this Benefit Stay Don’t Stray product:

benefit stay don_t stray.jpg

They say:

You put it underneath your concealer and eyeshadow, and it’s packed full of antioxidants and vitamins E & C to protect the skin.

The primer then keeps your concealer and eyeshadow in place and stops pesky creasing.

Benefit Stay dont stray eye primer.jpg

So this product is:

a. Filled with vitamins

b. To be used BEFORE concealer and foundation – would this be overload? hmmm..possibly as this product is already quite thick.

The product comes in a pump bottle – I love it BUT, its easy to get too much product out and the next thing you know, you’ve concealed your entire face and look like David Cameron.

David Cameron Shiny Face.jpg

Anyway here it is:

Benefit Stay dont stray Eye Primer .jpg

In terms of colour, its a pretty beige toned shade – it only comes in one shade so this is for everyone – light, dark, beige, orange…

It looks like it would suit me. I found it a tad ashy in the end, not warm or yellow enough BUT if it goes under concealer then it shouldn’t really matter.

This is quite a heavy duty, thick product:

Benefit Stay dont stray eye primer-1.jpg

This is how much came out with one small pump! you only need a bit. You dot it around the eyes.


Benefit Stay dont stray eye primer -1.jpg

I had to use more than 3 dots cos there was so much product. Waste not, want not:

Benefit Eye Primer Stay dont stray.jpg


Benefit Concealer Stay dont stray.jpg

What is quite unique about this product is that you use it under the eye and on the eyelid which makes it a all-in-one product. I found it definitely kept my eye area brighter and it helped with eyeshadow staying put.

I’d say this plus concealer, might be overkill – I think you could probably just use this then foundation.


Nice product, useful if you need a lot of cover around the eyes or want make up that really stays but.

Beware the colour which might not work for very warm or dark skins and the pump!

Priced at £19 from Boots, Selfridges etc.

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  1. PamC says

    Having bought this recently, I found the product itself is ok: goes on smoothly in the eye area and eye make up does appear to stay in place and does not crease or flake away. However the pump action dispenser means it dispenses too much so you are left with a glob of product which is probably 4 times the amount needed and there is no way of controlling how much comes out. As Benefit cosmetics are not that cheap it is very wasteful. Additionally when trying it out in store, the assistant said it could be used as a primer / concealer on other areas of the face as well. Well it can’t, it gradually sinks into the pores and leaves a very patchy messy effect on the skin, so make up had to be reapplied from scratch using Stay Don’t Stray specifically on the eye area only. Packaging needs a rethink – maybe a tube with a wand as this might give more control over the amount used. So, I’m a bit disappointed. I’m normally a huge Benefit fan, the only cosmetics I have ever actually completely finished and bought again and again. They just seem to suit my slightly dry mature skin type (I’m 54), but having said that, my daughter (25) loves them too.