Takako Fleur Beauty Book

I am always mooching on YesAsia.com, as they have a lot of Asian beauty books. It’s hit and miss – the good ones have lots of visuals (since I can’t read them) and just look great. Some are very text heavy or may be really sparse.

Takako is a Japanese make up artist and from what I gather is quite a legend. I have one of her other books, which is more of a guide book but I’ve had my eye on this one for a while; Fleur:

It’s a small hardback book. The thing is – it is all visual. No guides.

Although it is a very pretty book to look at, I wish I bought something else. It is a visual book full of pretty pictures, but to me isn’t quite to pass as an art make up book, like say Nars’s X-RAY book. The looks are quite out there so not necessarily something I would replicate either.

It’s also quite a thin book – there aren’t tons of looks or styles and the same model is used throughout so it gets quite samey.

All in all, I wish I had bought something else because I had my eye on the VOCE make up book. Nevermind, you live and learn!

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  1. says

    As far as wonky-looking Japanese make-up artists go, Takako will never replace Chiaki Shimada in my heart. Seriously, does Chiaki Shimada have a book or DVD, ’cause I will totally buy it!

  2. Row says

    Heyyy Pandy. I also love Chiaki Shimada but I am loving a wonky faced guy called Keizo Kuroda who just does the most stunning looks – stunning! He has 2 books which I just ordered from Yes Asia, I will see is Chiaki has any too…

  3. Row says

    Hi Gwen!

    yes I will! I’ll try and do it over the weekend. Although I liked Kevi B’s make up book, I prefered the lady’s . They are VERY similar though in layout – I think because they both come under the Beauty Exchange company so their things are very similar?

    Anyway I will get round to reviewing it for you!