Why God, Why? LUSH Toothy Tabs Sparkle Review


I have this phobia about dentists, and I most definitely need a filling or two right now but I admit, I am too chicken to go and see one.  I am under some illusion that I might find a miracle tooth product that will fix my teeth…I know that can’t actually happen but you know, we live in hope. Hope is what I had when I saw these Toothy Tabs over Christmas in Lush. I […]

Ew, Gross: Neilmed Sinus Rinse for Nasal Irrigation Review


So this is probably on par with my Baby Foot review, but what the hell – I hope this post helps someone! Up until this year* I used to suffer from intolerable hayfever. My eyes were so sore they prickled every time I blinked, the skin around my nose was red raw and I always had that horrible clogged up feeling. *I think my allergy levels are now at Iron Man status, seeing as I […]

Oh no you didn’t! – WHITE LABEL Placenta Moisture Mask Review


Yes I did, and I don’t regret it! Well kind of. Here’s a tip, if you’re going to do a search on Placenta, make sure your ‘safe images’ is on. Bleugh. Placenta is quite popular in a lot of Asian skincare and health products and I must admit, with my somewhat delicate western upbringing, I wouldn’t personally eat any placenta product…but put it on my face? Yeah! I’ll do it! White Label is a Shiseido […]

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