New Year Must Watch: RSA YouTube Videos

Not beauty related, but I love the RSA animated videos on YouTube. I find them highly inspiring, when I feel down I watch one to pick me up, to open my mind. Check them out if you haven’t already. I do love the animated ones, they really draw you attention to what has been said and clarify some complex theories: Guess what my mum has made for dinner tonight? Turkey! It’s not Christmas!

Poll Time: YouTube Video Feedback & General Feedback


Have you subscribed to our You Tube Channel yet? No? Well why not?! I am working on more videos – it’s quite hectic but good fun. Expect the next video up at the end of this week! Meanwhile I’d love your feedback on videos and also the blog! Also if you have any comments and feedback for the blog, please let me know. Could be what you like about it, what you dislike, what you’d […]

Video 3: More rambling and messing up my make up even more

This is another video I made, full of pointless rambling. Note: I really am just practising here. Better, polished videos will be up as we get used to the camera, the sound and editing. Subscribe to the channel here. I was trying to get stuff from a small box to a big box but once I did that I realised I wanted to get the stuff from my various bags into once case, and once […]

Video 2: My Stash and Rambling Chit Chat

I’m on a roll! Actually I’m not. I filmed this like 3 weeks ago in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and was slightly delirious, so go figure. But I thought I’d post it anyway its just me and the collection that I have been trying the shrink down. *Captioning not finished on this video – but will be Not trying to show off or brag or anything. Its a collection I’ve […]

Video No. 1: Introductions, How do you do?

So I got cold feet yesterday (or was it the day before?) about posting the video we made over the weekend, mainly because I look like I’ve had 20 pints beforehand (I don’t drink) and sound like I’ve smoked 50 cigarettes (I don’t smoke). And God knows what people will make of the addition of children and animals, all in one 2:45 second video. Anyway, Mr Candy bullied me into submission, so here it is. […]

Poll: What Video should I make for You Tube?

Halp! So I am thinking this year I really will take the plunge and put a video together, but I have no idea what to do first. I am guessing this takes a while to put together properly, so before I start, I’d like to ask what kind of video you’d like to see…. Merci!

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